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Sunday, 23rd October 2005

Detroit, MI - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Kashmir

What a great show from the Leps again last night at the Palace. They never seem to disappoint me. Ricky Warwick came on first and did about 6 songs, the last two with Viv on guitar and backing vocals. Good job Ricky! I love his new cd as much as his first. If you haven’t already bought it, you should. Cheap Trick came on next and played about an hour. They were very good. Rick Nielsen is so entertaining. I love the 8 neck guitar he plays and the way he throws out guitar picks by the handful!

Next up was the reason I was there...Def Leppard! There is just nothing like being in the front row for a Leppard concert. I was in heaven! They came out strong with Action, and never slowed down. We stood up for the whole show, and I didn’t see anyone sitting around me. We were too busy rockin! I think they had a better crowd on Sunday than the last time they played at the Palace during the X tour. Maybe it was the added draw of Cheap Trick. I would love to hear an attendance count. SLANG is my favorite and I was so happy that they added that to the setlist! I have never seen them do Gods of War either, so that was a real treat. I think they handle the two new songs, No Matter What and Rock On, very well. I love the treatment they put on Rock On. Very nice boys! I believe they played about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I could have stood there another couple of hours, if only they would have stayed...sigh! It seemed it was over in the blink of an eye. Come back soon guys! Thanks for a great night! I hope to post pics soon.

Fan Review - By Carla Gibson

What a night! Loved Ricky... and enjoyed seeing Cheap Trick again, too. Def Lep was awesome, as usual. Joe's voice was great! The boys were all over the stage in total control all night. I love the front row! We were right between Joe and Phil. GREAT SPOT! Sis held up her SLANG sign at the appropriate moment (she is always right on top of the set list) and Joe said, "This is for the little girl in the front row," and they went into it! Got some really, really cool pics, Sis never disappoints with rock star photos, always the master (so glad you're my manager--I know I've told you that before!). One of my favs is Phil laying down on the stage, right in front of us while playing his guitar! I'm sure every woman in that front row needed ice! Ice and Phil, that's all you need on a chilly, windy night in Detroit!

Loved meeting Connie and Jennifer, Suzanne and Chuck enthusiastic Lep fans like myself and Sis. They were fun and appreciated every moment like Sis and I did. I'll hang with you anytime! YOU ROCK!!

Until next time... and there will be a next time.


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