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Saturday, 29th October 2005

Dallas, TX - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Matt

Just got in from a great night in Dallas with the Leps. They played to a full crowd at the outdoors Smirnoff Amphitheater. It was a chilly 56 degrees out, which made it perfect for the show.

The standard setlist was there with a few songs that have been throw in on this leg. Let it Go, Two Steps Behind, Slang, and Gods of War were all played. The rest of the list were the same from the rest of the tour.

I'll start off with the crowd. They were very upbeat and loud. It got even better once security let the crowd fill the aisles down to the stage. That's when it got loud with the fans. As every Dallas show I've seen with Leppard, the fans have great. I'm sure the band appreciates a loud crowd.

The video screen was pretty impressive. I'm glad they chose to do that on this tour. Gods of War really made use of that. My girlfriend thought the clips during that song were pretty cool. As for the song, it's one of my favorite songs live.

Joe's voice was in top form tonight. He honestly sounded better than I've heard him in a while. I've heard several recordings this tour where his voice was shot. Several press articles have mentioned that, too. They had the day off yesterday and his voice sounded rested. I was quite impressed with his voice not giving out by the end of the show.

The band itself played very tight and smooth. I didn't hear any noticeable screw-ups from the guitars. The only hitch was Joe's mic during Action or Let's Get Rocked. It was quickly corrected with a new mic.

The new songs went down very well. I thought No Matter What was one of the best performed songs of the night. Several people were singing it around me, so I didn't feel like the sore thumb singing. By the time Rock On was played, we were able to fill the aisles down to the stage. That song was getting massive "sing-a-long" from the crowd. All of the girls around me were singing it. I had heard all kinds of great things about this song live once the band hopped in. These reports were true. It was pretty awesome and quite heavy.

Quick note about Rocket. The crowd loved the duelling guitars. There were some loud cheers from the crowd after Phil showed off his speed. As for the end of the show, Bringing was a highlight. That song sounded amazing tonight. It was also another great sing-a-long song for the crowd. They went nuts at the end, which led right into Sugar, which just sent the crowd even louder. The band enjoyed that very much.

I hope others who went enjoyed the show as I did. I'm tired from the 2 hour drive home, so I will close for now. Get a chance to see these guys if you can on this tour. They are having fun doing it, and it's a great show for fans who love to sing. :).


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