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Tuesday, 11th October 2005

Boston, MA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - The Show was Fantastic the Leps Blew Us Away By DefLeppardfan4ever

Ricky Warwick opened up the show and Viv joined in for 2 songs not sure what they were as I am not a great fan of Ricky's Music. Bryan Adams came on and played the same setlist from the first two legs of the tour and the songs were Cuts Like a Knife, 18 til I Die, Heaven, It's Only Love, Summer of 69, Kids Wanna Rock, Everything I Do (I do it for you), Baby When You're Gone, and invited a female fan up on stage to sing along with him and she did a awesome job. Her name was Judy I believe. He rocked and got the audience involved with a few songs.

We Will Rock You plays and when that song's over you know the Leps hit the stage. They changed the setlist a lil so I was happy. They Left out Women, Foolin' and 2 Steps and Added Let it Go and Make Love Like a Man and I haven't Heard Gods of War Live since the 80's and it's one of my favorite songs so I am glad they Played it I still love "Rock On" live it's was Great ..The Guys were in fine form and looked well rested and they sounded fantastic. They had so much enegry running back and forth playing with the crowd. I was Rock'n and a Roll'n all night to the Leps they were AWESOME what a Great Night..This was by far the 2nd best show I seen. The best show for me was in Brockton back in July, even though it rained that night, I was in front row. I can't believe the Night went by so Quick, wish it Never ended

Joe Don't worry, We diehard fans will never forget the Leps. Til next time and there "DEF" will be a Next time.

Fan Review - By Joe

I have been only to 1 other concert in my life-so I don't have a lot of concert-experience. The arena they played in was small, and very good. Lights and sounds were awesome (my opinion). Their set was about an hour and a half. They played their big hits and made mention of their YEAH! album.

Fan Review - By cystokyd

Ricky Warwick, a Joe Elliott find, came out and did a great Acoustic set with help on two songs by Vivian. Bryan Adams rocked the house and had a great time involving the audience including bringing a gal up to sing. Def Leppard was very energetic, and having a fantastic time, they played to the entire arena never missing a beat. The sound mix was a little off but they more than made up for it with a hard driving set. They opened with ACTION then LET IT GO. The rest of the set was: Make Love, Hysteria, Promises, No Matter, Love Bites, Armageddon, Gods of War, Rock On (which blew me away), Rocket, Photograph, Animal, Rock of Ages, Heartbreak and Sugar. For the first show it had some rough edges but still a great Def Leppard show.

Fan Review - By dwmiresii

Last night on Tuesday Oct. 11, 2005 was my first time working for the Lep's. Usually I am doing lighting or sound during setup's or take downs, I guess they didn't need alot of help this time around.

The show was awesome, I waited outside till 8:10 when my friend finally showed up (normally the drive is 1 hour he took 40 mins to get to the area) got in just in time for Bryan Adams and his set was unreal.

But when Leppard hit the stage the place erupted when they heard We Will Rock you by Queen and both me and my friend thought Phill or Viv was going to play the guitar riff and that's a quote from both of us.

Let me kind of run you through a set list and what I felt at the times of the songs. BTW I was in section F9 about 500-1000 feet away from the stage directly across from the sound both at Front of house not only did I get to see Bryan Adams and Leppard but I saw the Sound, Lighting and Video Guy (s) at work first hand from song to song.

1) Action - Was an sensery overload everything seemed right and felt right

2) Let It Go - Rocked the place out visually and soundly.

3) Make Love Like A Man - Joe's vocals were unreal during this song.

4) Hysteria - Same comment as MLLAM.

5) Promises - New song came out great.

6) No Matter What - Whole band impressed me plus found out about next years album.

7) Love Bites - Phil's guitar work unreal.

8) Armageddon It - Sung back to the band.

9) Gods Of War - Told me why Rick Allen is the THUNDER GOD his drumming unreal.

10) Rock On - Best song of the night, never heard a better cover.

11) Rocket - Visually The Best.

12) Photograph - Joe's Vocals Unreal.

13) Animal - Musically On Mark.

14) Rock Of Ages - Brought The House down. At this point my friend thought the concert was over and I had to stress to him 3 - 4 times that it wasn't and the next to really brought the house down. 15) Bringin' On The Heartbreak - Sounded like it should have.

16) Pour Some Sugar On Me - Band let us sing 70% of it.

There you have it folk's Over all, great F' Show. I hop to see them again soon from the front if not, just as good backstage.

Fan Review - By Amy Alison

The whole night was awesome!!! My friend and I drove to Boston and met up with a bunch of on-line Lep friends and we had a great time together. After a series of a bunch of cool things happening, we found ourselves escorted in to a Meet & Greet with Def Leppard before the show!!!! We met Joe and Phil and that was really fun.

Ricky Warwick's set was fantastic, but unfortunately way too short... I was THRILLED to be up in the front row for his show!!! He played "Mysterioso," "Rich Kids," "Can't live with maybe," and "New Neighbors old fences" by himself on the acoustic guitar, and then was joined by Vivian Campbell on "3 sides to every story" and "Learning to fall." I think he won a lot of the crowd over with his performance. Bryan Adams set was very good, quite entertaining. He said a few funny things between songs. The highlight, to me, was when he invited a fan up on stage to sing "Baby when you're gone," now doubt a dream come true for her!

Def Leppard just cannot disappoint...it's just not possible. Having just come off a several week break, they appeared well rested and energetic, running all over the stage and interacting with the crowd. They played the typical setlist with a few changes (as listed in the set list on the site).

As far as I'm concerned, "Rock On" is the absolute BEST song they've ever done live...it's really an experience, LOL, and for me it's the highlight of the show! Starting out with their faces one by one on the screen, Joe's silhouette appears as he sings by himself...then slowly they all come in with the guitars, etc, and it eventually leads up to a ROCKING finish. INCREDIBLY COOL!! The lighting and video on the screen was interesting, but I would have been happy if they'd left out the footage of pole dancers during "Armageddon it." Clearly, a lot of thought and effort was put into making it. The sound was excellent but man was I glad to have my earplugs, cause it was LOUD!!!! Awesome show, awesome night!.

Fan Review - By Kitty

This was my second show this summer actually and I ADORE DL. They have been my favorite band since childhood. I hope that does not sound stupid. I wanted to meet them so bad that I ran in the rain to their trailor and just missed them but got 3 Vivian picks that I carry around with me. In case you were wondering I Loved both show and would see them again any day if It was at all possible.

Fan Review - By Gwynneth M

The show was amazing!! Ricky Warwick certainly got the crowd going right away and put on a great show. The venue was about 70% full and I would say that about 60% of the folks there knew who Ricky was and at the end of the set, he got a great round of applause.

Bryan Adams put on a fun show as well. Having seen both he and his band and the Leps in Brockton, MA back in July, I would have to say that this show was almost identical to the show in July right down to the same anecdotes and requests for audience participation. He definitely kept the crowd entertained! I had a guest with me that had never seen Bryan before and she mentioned that she would have to go out and get his CD - guess that's good! I have to say though that I was really surprised to see how many people left after his set and didn't return. I was on the floor, middle section, about a third of the way back and was able to move up a few rows closer after the folks departed. Bad for them, great for me!!

Now on to the good stuff and the part that you really wanted. The Leps were amazing! You could definitely tell that they had just gotten off a break as Joe's voice sounded rested and in great form. Right from the get go, they were energetic, inviting, positive, and captivating! Of course, for me, they could sing the phone book for 2 hours and I would love every minute of it!! The show was a great mix of old and new stuff - I always love hearing "Let It Go" and anything really off of the first two albums. I actually saw the Leps in Manchester, NH in June as well and the set list didn't vary too much from either the Brockton or Manchester shows. Gods of War was quite powerful - complete with the silhouette of Rick holding up the peace sign at the end. Viv, Sav, and Phil were all really entertaining and looked to be having a great time not only with the crowd but with each other as well. Joe was in great form - he really worked the audience and visited both sides of the stage quite often engaging the folks in the mid sections and nosebleeds. I had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Good on ya guys!.


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