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Thursday, 21st November 2002

Osaka, Japan - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Ben

Ben here, reporting again from the Land of the Rising Dollar.

The Concert Hall was TINY! I was really surprised. Where DL has shot back up to at least the big'ol Merriweather Post Pavillion/Nissan Pavillion level, in Japan, bands that have somewhat been out of favour for some time remain relegated to the domain of venues that could maybe squish about 3000 in their small walls. Osaka, (pronounced OHH-saka) is a huge city, at least the area of New York, if not as "tall," so I expected a little more.

This didn't stop them from doing some neat stuff. Since the stage was kind of compact, it meant that all the spotlights and whirlygigs had that much more of an impact. Way more of note was the lineup- who would have thought that they'd ever play so much of High 'N' Dry?

Let's see... Saturday, Hit and Run, Let it Go, Switch 625 (apparently popular in Japan...though I was the only one screaming the "Huh! Huh! Huh-huh!" in the middle...) As neat as this was, I felt like they overdid all the digging in the attic, and found myself waiting for them to play something that actually made me buy their CDs in the first place... surprisingly! Now I know how frustrated they are. I just did a 360 on that whole "You gotta play your old songs too" BS. =)

I was not disappointed though that they managed to smoosh in all my favourites and 4 songs from the new CD played were: "Four Letter Word", "You're So Beautiful", "Now," and "Long Long Way To Go." Maybe suprising but I think that since Long Long Way made the playlist, "Love Bites" was nixed.


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