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Friday, 26th July 2002

Minneapolis, MN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Debbie

My friends and I were up in the balcony right about where Phil would be standing. It was the closest they had ever been to the band. The first four bands were ok, but not my kind of music. When it was time for the guys to come out, the whole club erupted, everyone was so happy to see them. There were people of all ages there, from 18 to somewhere around 60! It was very hot in the club, but it was worth every ounce of sweat. They came out and rocked the place. "Now" went over well with the crowd, I was amazed to look around and see that so many people knew the words and were singing along, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. Joe looked up where we were several times as did Sav, I don't think Phil looked our way at all. It was so good to see them performing live, and worth every mile driven to get there.

They played for over an hour. When they played "Pour Some Sugar On Me" the people in the club almost over powered Joe in the singing department! I can't wait for the tour to begin. There were a few scuffles down in crowd on the floor, glad I wasn't down there. Oh and a woman across the balcony from us flung some panties down and they landed on Sav's left shoulder! He immediately turned and gave Rick a very odd look! That was priceless to see. All in all a excellent performance.


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