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Tuesday, 26th January 1988

Raleigh, NC - Media Reviews

Singer says Leppard a 'hard working, sweaty, energetic rock and roll band' By Dan Pawlowski

Def Leppard rocked Reynolds Coliseum last Tuesday night as part of their first U.S. tour in four years.

Whether or not one is a fan of the English rock and roll quintet, credit must be given to the band's recovery from inner hardships.

The loss of drummer Richard Allen's left arm could have resulted in the band making personnel changes.

However, this was not the case. It was evident Tuesday that the band was just as strong and united as ever.

One could feel a clear sense of friendship in the arena, as the band members teased one another by switching places and instruments in one instance of the show.

Fans could witness the group at all angles; the stage was set in the round (the center of the coliseum).

And the party band traveled from one area of the stage to the next throughout the evening.

Lead singer Joe Elliott displayed unending charge during the show, singing some 17 numbers that spanned the band's career - 'Photograph', 'Rock Of Ages', 'Women', 'Heartbreak' and 'Foolin'' Elliott clearly enjoys working the audience.

How does it feel to perform in front of 10,000 people? Is it similar to a high in sports?

Joe Elliott - "Being in front of 10,000 people on a good night...when and you're in form. I could compare it to scoring the winning touchdown with one second left. But you feel that for two hours."

"That's the only way I can compare it. It's like scoring the winning goal in soccer in a cup final, or one of those long shots into a basket from about 50 yards, when there's about three seconds left."

"There's a lot of adrenaline, but you have to learn to control it, because I think it's bad news if you take adrenaline offstage. I think that's what creates egos, and I don't think that's necessary."

How would you like your fans to picture you?

Joe Elliott - "Hard working, sweaty, energetic, rock and roll band. In the general sense. I don't mean in the 'Jerry Lee Lewis' sense of rock and roll - I just mean generally. Just rock and roll."

By NCSU Technician 1988.


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