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Sunday, 21st August 1988

Phoenix/Chandler, AZ - Media Reviews

Def Leppard @ Compton Terrace By Arizona Republic

No one with half a clue about rock 'n' roll could mistake Def Leppard for a great pioneer of the genre.

But the English quintet well may ask 'who needs originality' when plain competence produces a No. 1 album and sold-out shows like the one at Compton Terrace.

Leppard's return earlier this year, after a lengthy absence caused in part by drummer Rick Allen injuring an arm, in a car accident, was stunning proof of the group's appeal.

A down-to-earth, clean-cut image helped Def Leppard rise to fame at the start of the decade, and not much has changed.

The group may be a little looser image-wise.

But it remains an antidote to the gothic melodrama and macho posturing beloved by so many of its hard-rock contemporaries.

It's an appeal that reaches the male orientation of the more hard-core head-banger music.

Females made up at least half of this crowd.

Leppard is a safe band for a time when safety seems to be the trend.

Safe political candidates, safe sex, safe music.

A Leppard show is probably the most fun you can have without actually getting excited.

By Arizona Republic 1988.


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