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Monday, 15th February 1988

Albuquerque, NM - Media Reviews

Light show Stunning, Def Leppard Deafening By Albuquerque Journal

The hits were delivered on a multi-tiered stage set in the middle of the Tingley Coliseum floor.

It afforded a great view for any seat or floor space in the house, enhanced by a stunning state-of-the-art light show, including laser beams that cut across the arena and danced in patterns on circular fabric dropped from the rafters.

Unfortunately, he technicians went way overboard on sound.

Rock, especially heavy metal, should be loud, it's inherent in the genre.

But Def Leppard was deafening.

Granted, the layers and textures found on Def Leppard's albums would have to be stripped away somewhat; a rough sound is expected when the hits are performed live.

As is too often the case in Tingley concerts, however, Leppard's live punch was physically crunching and aurally muddy.

Thw two power-chord guitarists, Phil Collen and Steve Clark, paced and pranced around the four sides of the stage with bassist Rick Savage whilst vocalist Joe Elliott leaped from tier to tier or stood straight up, fist raised.

While their exaggerated poses provided a focal point beneath the coloured lights, many were no doubt straining for a look at Allen.

Barefoot, in a T-shirt and shorts, he doggedly laid down the backbeat and furnished in a few frenzied crash performance solos with a specially equipped drum kit.

By Albuquerque Journal 1988.


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