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Sunday, 26th June 1983

Hartford, CT - Media Reviews

Def Leppard @ Hartford Civic Center By Hartford Courant

The good feelings that Def Leppard evoke are difficult to define, perhaps because what they do is simply instinctive.

They perform a confident, effortless and well-crafted brand of heavy metal music.

They prefer the more marketable term 'hard rock'.

A few months ago they overshadowed rock veteran Billy Squier, 30, when both performed at the New Haven Coliseum.

Time wasn't on Squier's side

He knew all the right moves, but he seemed to work too hard to get them.

For Def Leppard, it was simple and automatic reflex.

Lead singer Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen are the old men of the band at 23.

Guitarist Steve Clark and bassist Rick Savage are 22 and drummer Rick Allen is all of 19.

All this would mean little if the playing were not accomplished.

The material is strong, especially in songs like 'Photograph' and 'Rock Of Ages', heavy metal flourishes backed with pop hooks.

The playing is even better with a tight front line of guitars that compliment each other rather than compete with each other and a rhythm section that drives all night in the passing lane.

For the time being, their music is the thing.

They don't feel the need to prop up their show with flying buttresses or theatrics, desperate decibels, or (too much) macho posturing.

The beauty of the band is in the simplicity of the expression itself.

Bombastic, spirited and wonderfully adolescent.

The only thing threatening Def Leppard right now is their own success.

By Hartford Courant 1983.


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