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A listing of all the known songs played by Def Leppard during the 1980 On Through The Night world tour.

On Through The Night World Tour 1980.

def leppard tour 1980 - main songs played

Total Songs Played - 11

On Through The Night World Tour 1980.

def leppard tour 1980 - non-album songs

Songs Played - 8

01 Ride Into The Sun The Def Leppard EP
02 Good Morning Freedom Hello America
03 Medicine Man Early version of Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
04 When The Rain Falls Early version of Let It Go
05 Lady Strange (Pre-Release) High 'n' Dry
06 Me And My Wine (Pre-Release) High 'n' Dry
07 Long Way From Home Unreleased Song.
08 High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night) (Pre-Release) High 'n' Dry
09 This Ship Sails Tonight Early version of Too Late For Love

Many non-album tracks played during the tour including from 'The Def Leppard EP' and the B-Side of 'Hello America'.

Three songs were later reworked for the 'High 'n' Dry' and 'Pyromania' albums including 'When The Rain Falls' which with Mutt Lange's guidance became 'Let It Go', the lead track on the second album. The first song recorded for the album and marking a change in the band's overall sound and direction.

'Medicine Man' featured an intro and guitar riff that became the basis for 'Rock! Rock!' in 1983. It was first played on the April 1980 UK headline tour.

'When The Rain Falls', the early version of 'Lady Strange' and 'Medicine Man' were all played on the April 1980 UK tour and likely included at the Oxford show which was officially recorded. The 15 song show is now going to be released according to Joe Elliott speaking in January 2018 and will be the first live release featuring Steve Clark and Pete Willis on guitars.

Along with 'Lady Strange', 'Me And My Wine' and 'Medicine Man', 'Long Way From Home' was played at the August 1980 Reading Festival show. But unlike the other three it was never recorded or released as a full studio version.

'This Ship Sails Tonight' was another new song debuted in December 1980 on the UK club tour. The lyrics went on to be used in 1983 for 'Too Late For Love'. The 1987 biography book 'Animal Instinct' mentions that this and three other songs were played on the club tour. These could well have been the ones mentioned above or other 'High 'n' Dry' album tracks. If not then there are potentially three other unknown songs that were reworked or discarded.

'High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)' was used to open the 1980 December UK Club Tour shows as one of the newly written songs from the second album and played four months ahead of the album sessions.

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