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40 Year's Ago DEF LEPPARD's JOE ELLIOTT On PYROMANIA Tour Voice Issues (Video)

Def Leppard 1983. Screenshot

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott appeared on MTV in the USA in June 1983 to discuss his vocal issues with video available to watch.

Eight shows on the Pyromania tour had to be postponed in mid to late June 1983 after Joe suffered problems.

Shows in South Bend, Detroit, Saginaw, Charlevoix, Erie, Syracuse and Rochester all had to be postponed.

7 were rescheduled and played with only one being cancelled (in Saginaw).

Joe talked about his vocal issues on the Pyromania tour, postponing shows, Cape Cod show, the Pyromania tour, live albums, fan support and an Ozzy Osbourne story.

The tour resumed on this day in South Yarmouth, MA at the Cape Cod Coliseum.

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MTV - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Can you talk to us?

"Yeah just. It's alright now I had a week's rest. I was actually, at the beginning of the week it was hilarious. I was writing things down on pads."

The doctor said don't even talk?

"Which is true yeah. I ended up putting tape on my mouth because I'm like that once I get going. It's really difficult. I've still got this pad. I actually filled a full pad up. Everything I wanted to ask anybody I had to write down. It was terrible."

Are you up to singing yet?

"Yeah. What I'm doing while we've had this week off, for me to recuperate, I've been seeing doctors and god knows what. And at the same time I've been seeing this like voice therapist who I've just been practising scales and things with. Just to break myself in for the gig tomorrow night. And he thinks I'm fine and I feel confident in myself."

Are you doing something wrong?

"No what is is basically it was four and a half months non stop. An hour and a half a night. And it just needed a rest. I mean when you think about it it is a long time. And that's what happened."

Def Leppard 1983. Screenshot

Cape Cod Show/Rescheduled Shows

"Yes definitely. They're all on now. I think we cancelled about 8 altogether. Well not cancelled actually we've rescheduled them. And we've been really lucky because apparently Detroit where it's two nights we're playing there. It's 28,000 people there's been like 50 returns that's all. Which is amazing."

Pyromania Tour

"It was brilliant, It was incredible. It was like nearly every night was sold out. And the reaction of the crowds and what have you was amazing."

View all the available footage from the show on this YouTube playlist.

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