Sunday, 8th January 2023
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Def Leppard 2022. A Bowie Celebration

Def Leppard and Joe Elliott performed two songs at the A Bowie Celebration virtual online concert on this day in 2022 with photos available.

The event titled Mike Garson's 'A Bowie Celebration 2022' took place on 8th January 2022 via the Rolling Live Studios website.

The second event of its kind was held to coincide with David's 75th birthday and six years since his death in 2016.

The concert had been announced in December 2021 and was the second annual 'A Bowie Celebration' event to take place.

Th show started at 6pm PT USA / 2am UK time and lasted until 4:21am - just under two and a half hours.

Many great artists performed memorable versions of David Bowie's classic songs.

Def Leppard made their performance return after two years away due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Joe Elliott Performance

Joe debuted his 2019 David Bowie tribute song 'Goodnight Mr. Jones' which was originally recorded for the Down 'n' Outz album 'This Is How We Roll'.

Joe was filmed on his own against a black background (as in 2021) and shown on a screen as Mike Garson and his band played the music and provided backing vocals.

Futuristic spacey graphics were shown on the video wall behind the live band.

Def Leppard Performance

The band played David Bowie's 'Drive-In Saturday' for the very first time.

Their first band performance since the November 2019 show in Sacramento, CA which ended that year's touring.

The song was first released in May 2006 on the 'YEAH!' covers album.

The band were filmed playing against black backdrops as Joe had been for his solo song. The band images were seen on the screen inside old style TV sets as well as zooming in for close up shots.

Mike Garson played in the live studio with his backing singers.

Other performers included - Walk the Moon, Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon and John Taylor and Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty who ended the show.

The concert was streamed online for the next 24 hours at the website for those who had purchased tickets.

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Def Leppard 2021.

A Bowie Celebration 2022 - Photo Gallery

Def Leppard 2021.

A Bowie Celebration 2022 - Mike Garson Def Leppard Intro

"Def Leppard has been together for more than 40 years. Selling over a hundred million albums."

"They adored David and for the first time in two years I am so proud to have them together again."

A Bowie Celebration 2022 - 8th January 2022 Setlist

  • 01 - Fame - (Walk The Moon)
  • 02 - Young Americans - (Living Colour)
  • 03 - I'm Afraid Of Americans - (Living Colour)
  • 04 - It Ain't Easy - (Judith Hill)
  • 00 - Ricky Gervais Story
  • 05 - Five Years - (Gaby Moreno)
  • 06 - Space Oddity (2021 Encore Presentation) - (William Corgan/Mike Garson)
  • 07 - Jean Genie - (Bernard Fowler)

  • 08 - Goodnight Mr. Jones - (Joe Elliott w/ Mike Garson And Band)

Live debut of the Down 'n' Outz David Boie tribute song released on the 2019 'This Is How We Roll' album.

The first performance by Joe since November 2019 and the first song from this album to be performed.

Mike Garson and his band played all the music.

Accompanied by Mike Garson on piano and his band Gerry Loenard/Charlie Sexton (Guitars), Carmine Rojas (Drums). Backing singers Alan Childs/Kitten Kuroi/Maiya Sykes and Jules Galli.

Plus The Section Quartet (Eric Gorfain/Daphne Chen/Leah Katz/Richard Dodd). Sound mixed by Ronan McHugh.

  • 09 - Time - (Charlie Sexton/Gaby Moreno)
  • 10 - Lazarus - (Charlie Sexton)
  • 00 - Ricky Gervais Story
  • 11 - Golden Years - (Walk The Moon)
  • 12 - Starman - (Gretchen Parlato)
  • 13 - As The World Falls Down - (Evan Rachel Wood)
  • 00 - Labyrinth Movie Talk w/ Evan Rachel Wood/Mike Garson

  • 14 - Drive-In Saturday - (Def Leppard (Ft. Mike Garson)

Performance debut of the David Bowie cover recorded for the 2006 'YEAH!' covers album.

The band members were all filmed separately against black backgrounds.

Accompanied by Mike Garson on piano and his backing singers Kitten Kuroi, Maiya Sykes and Jules Galli. Sound mixed by Ronan McHugh.

  • 15 - Ashes To Ashes - (Charlie Sexton)
  • 16 - Slip Away - (Gary Oldman)
  • 00 - Ricky Gervais Extas Story
  • 17 - Jazz Instrumental - (Mike Garson And Band)
  • 18 - Let's Dance - (Duran Duran (Simon Le Bon/John Taylor)
  • 19 - Wild Is The Wind - (Bernard Fowler/Judith Hill)
  • 20 - All The Young Dudes - (Joe Sumner)
  • 00 - Ricky Gervais Story
  • 21 - Valentne's Day - ((Noel Gallagher)
  • 22 - Shadow Man - (Gail Ann Dorsey)
  • 23 - Under Pressure - (Walk The Moon)
  • 24 - Modern Love - (Jake Wesley Rogers)
  • 25 - Life On Mars - (Jake Wesley Rogers)
  • 26 - Changes - Rob Thomas
  • 27 - Heroes - Rob Thomas

Show lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Def Leppard 2022.

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