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Def Leppard 2019. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by New York radio and mentioned the next Last In Line album.

Vivian spoke to Joe Rock of WBAB 102.3 radio in October 2019 to promote Last In Line's 2019 tour.

Vivian talked about Last In Line's setlist, Last In Line third album, band members/sound, his first records, early musical influences, Irish music/artists, DIO, his first concerts, and his early band Sweet Savage.

Third Last n Lie Studio Album

Vivian gave an update on the band's third studio album which was started in August/September 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

The band gave an update on the planned recording session Vivian mentions in January 2020 via social media.

Listen to the full 20 minute interview below in two parts.

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WBAB 102.3/Joe Rock - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Last In Line Third Album

"We're now moving on to our third album. We've actually got most of that written. And we're hoping to get in the studio by January. And so we're excited about that you know."

"So next year it's gonna be a real issue 'cause we're gonna have to try and represent three albums of original music. But I think as long as the band is called Last In Line. You know as long as Vinny and I are a part of it then I think it's valid and I think it's important that we reference our early career with Ronnie and with Jimmy.. And those early DIO albums."

Def Leppard/Last In Line Differences

"Yes that wee band Def Leppard. Yes the Def Leppard thing is very different as you say it's very tightly structured. I mean it's a show. It's a production. It's a spectacle. And it's again an incredible band but in a very different way you know."

"You're talking about inspiring drummers we obviously should mention Rick. He's very inspiring as a human being, you know, considering what he does after his accident as a drummer, you know, with one arm."

"Rick inspires me in a very different way. The guys in Leppard are just a really professional organisation. Every aspect. Our band, our crew. The way we approach the work."

"But it's a very tight ship. We do not improvise in Def Leppard. The emphasis is on the songs and, you know, our big selling point beyond the songs obviously is the vocal aspect of Def Leppard."

"I mean our vocals are all live and we take great pride in the ability to replicate these heavily banked vocals in a live environment."

"You know and that's kind of the muscle I really have to exercise more than the guitar aspect with Def Leppard is the vocal aspect. You know Phil Collen does most of the heavy lifting on the guitar end."

"So it is refreshing for me to get out and do the Leppard thing and to be able to do the Last In Line thing as well you know. And really kind of push myself as a singer and as a guitar played in both these bands."

"You know the only down side of this is you don't get time off. Last couple of years in particular I've just been working and working and working. I go from one band to the other."

"So it has taught me a very valuable life lesson that I need to actually schedule some time off for myself. So I'm planning to do that next year. Actually take a holiday or something you know. But fortunately I enjoy my work."

"Again I don't want to overstate the fact but I'm a very very fortunate musician. All I ever wanted to do with my life was be a guitar player in a rock band. And then I happen to be a guitar player in two exceptional rock bands at the same time."

Last In Line Las Vegas Third Album Sessions

"Vegas is a strange city you know. I don't mind being there if I'm working, but it's a really strange place to have time on your hands if you know what I mean."

"So I was very glad that we could do that. We actually coordinated four days of writing sessions in between some Def Leppard shows with the Last In Line guys."

"Andrew lives in Vegas and Vinny and Phil just flew out for those days. So it was great. So we actually got an awful lot of work done and we have the bulk of our, of what will be our third album already under the belt and Andy's working on the lyrics."

"And you know we've got these great ideas. And it continues to push in the direction that we went on the second album. The most recent album. You know it's kind of very uptempo and very ambitious. You know musically ambitious songs."

"So I'm really looking forward to that and I think we're also gonna be on a different record label for the third record. So that's an exciting proposition for us. We get to kind of move our game up and bit and you know hopefully take it to a major label and you know that should potentially increase the reach of the band."

"And that's exciting for us to take it to that next level."

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