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DEF LEPPARD/Mötley Crüe/Poison Discuss The Stadium Tour (Video)

Def Leppard 2020. Def Leppard 2020

Def Leppard announced The Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe and Poison in December 2019 and interview video footage is available.

The Stadium Tour begins on 21st June 2020 in San Antonio, TX at the Alamodome which holds 72,000 people and will see Mötley Crüe closing.

A 30th show was added recently along with a fifth act on the bill.

Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe are joined by Poison, Joan Jett And The Blackhearts and new openers Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts.

Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Poison attended a press conference to announce the tour in Los Angeles on 4th December 2019.

Video footage has now been posted from interviews conducted after the main event. View them below along with a full transcript.

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December 2019 - Photo Gallery

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Def Leppard - December 2019 Interview Quotes

How much work does it take to look good?

Joe - "Lots of sleep. We get lots of sleep. That's what you need."

Staying Busy

Phil - "It's getting more and more crazy. The band's getting bigger and bigger. Which is, we'll take it. It's amazing. Especially I'm 62 on Saturday and I never thought I'd..."

Joe - "You are not!."

Phil - "I know, would you believe it. But yeah it's incredible. It's actually just this wave is like. It's great. It's an Indian Summer and we're digging it. So it's great and we're getting better as well. We were just listening to our live recording of Vegas. We just done a residency there. We've never sounded that good. So we're definitely doing something right and we're raising the bar and we love it."

Living Up To Their Live Reputation

Joe - "Every night, but we're so used to that. People have been throwing that at us since 1988. So it's like OK. It's like, you know, Super Bowl. FA Cup Final, whatever it is. The ones that make a difference do that every night and that's what we do. We don't do 'Ah it doesn't matter tonight'. It's only as Tuesday."

"It doesn't work like that. Every gig's the same. We play every show as thought it's the last one we're ever gonna do. That's the way I look at it. It's like you've gotta give it everything. You know leave everything on stage as it were."

How has touring life changed?

Phil - "It's been changing. I mean I've been a really strict vegetarian for for 35 years and went totally vegan eight years ago. So that's just been, we've all kind of been adapting and just changing things as we go along anyway."

"So the industry's changed obviously. There's no, there was records when we started. Well there are now but in second hand vinyl stores. But yeah it's all changed. But we just keep up with it you know. On top of it."

How have you survived all this time?

Sav - "It's everything. It's all those things. It's enjoying it. It's having respect for each other. It's just the essence of being in a band never goes away. I think that's one thing that helps keep you looking young, because we still maintain the same thought processes that we did in 1981."

"And it's sounds a bit bizarre but that's kinda kept us almost. It's almost like bottling it and pickling it and putting it n a jar and putting it on the shelf."

Rick - "I think that and also having one dressing room. I think to see the five of us all like you know..."

Vivian - "Naked."

Rick - "Well that too."

Joe - "No we have. No seriously we share a dressing room. We don't have the diva thing. Mr. Elliott and the other four are in the other room."

"We like each other. We warm up. We joke. We get ready. We try clothes on. We laugh at each other's clothes. You know. It keeps it down. It keeps it real and that's how we started and it. And I think the longer we do it the more we're determined to not change that dynamic, because sometimes we turn up at some gigs and the way that the dressing rooms are. They have to split us into two teams."

"And we get there and it's like Oh really. So you have to run in and out to tell a joke. Instead of just telling it in one room you know. So it's way more fun and all those little things. We change gradually. We're not the same band we were when we started by a long way. But we're similar to the band we were two years ago. And that was, you know, a little different to five and a bit more than ten. But it's still essentially the same thing."

Tour Story

Phil - "They sent five armour plated SUVs once to pick us up somewhere. I forget where it was and we're like Oh. We all crowded into one or two of them and they was like three empty. It was like, it was pretty weird. So we're still that and it's actually quite inspiring actually."

Def Leppard 2020.

Mötley Crüe - December 2019 Interview Quotes

2020 Bigger Than Ever/What does that mean to you?

Nikki Sixx - "I mean I think for us it was always about the show, was a very important thing for us. But it was really about the music. And that's what's cool to see the music holding up for so many years."

"And with the movie finding a new audience as well. They're discovering those same songs that we were working on 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago. That feels really good."

Fans Reacting To Older Songs

Tommy Lee - "It's definitely a trip seeing the fans and their parents and you see these little kids on top of the parents shoulder going 'Shout! shout!'. And you're like wow. That always makes you feel pretty amazing to see that. We've crossed over to a couple of different generations."

Nikki - "They'll be three generations now. it'll be like a, what do you call it, totem pole."

Vince Neil - "I see like little kids they've named their like. Like six, seven years old have named like their soccer teams to Motley Crue and they're little kids. You know they have jersey's on that say Motley Crue on them. You know it's like wow that's pretty cool. You know for kids that young."

Getting Ready For S tour

Nikki Sixx - "We gotta go into hibernation mode. We're gonna sleep for six months and prepare."

Vince Neil - "Wake up and just go. I mean there's a lot of sacrifice you know. You gotta do everything that you have to do. You now from running around clubs to running around theatres to running around arenas to running around a stadiums. There's a whole big difference. You gotta be ready for it."

Reality of the tour happening

Tommy Lee - "Yeah this is definitely it. It feels amazing. I mean we've played stadiums. You know in the past here and there. But never an official like stadium tour. So I'm, we're all looking forward to it man. It's gonna be frickin' amazing."

Vince Neil - "Until I actually saw the dates yesterday it still didn't feel real. And then now you go OK Miami, Wisconsin, Chicago and it's like wow. It's the real deal now."

Tommy Lee - "And we're gonna play the new Rams stadium here. We're gonna be the second band to play in there from what I heard. Taylor Swift and Motley, interesting."

"I was thinking of Dodger Stadium for some reason. That's what was in my head and then when I saw that was so excited 'cause it's so state of the art. It's gonna be the biggest and greatest stadium at least at this point in America. So can't wait."

Def Leppard 2020.

Bret Michaels/Poison - December 2019 Interview Quotes

Tour Being Announced

Bret Michaels - "I gotta tell ya I'm beyond, beyond excited this is incredible. First of all to see CC, Rikki and Bobby. We've known each other forever, our whole lives. To be out here on a tour with Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Joan Jett."

"You could feel the energy in this room and the energy of all of us just getting together upstairs and partying. We're ready to go this summer. And I'm gonna say this. So important that the fans understand. I could not be more grateful and thankful."

"And we are bringing a show. A whole night at a stadium and nothing but hits."

No one's enjoying this more then you

Bret Michaels - "As you could see I'm really. Like I'm jumpy right now. My energy is bursting. I wish I was on stage right now. Like walking in here and seeing everybody and seeing the band it's incredible."

"And honest to god I'm not kidding you when I say my thankfulness and gratefulness of all the fas letting us do what we love to do which is be out playing music. We're gonna bring it. It's gonna be a party."

His Health

Bret Michaels - "As a Type 1 diabetic I take five injections a day since I've been six years old, the blood tests. And I thank my Mom and Dad for being inspirational. They started the first diabetic youth camp in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It saved my life not just physically but emotionally and mentally."

"And I was the only kid in my school district that had it at that time. And so this has been incredible, that battle plus the Brain haemorrhage and heart surgery. I said no matter what. I said thank you to so many people out there that have kept me on the good side of the dirt. And rocking and out there having a great time."

"Surviving and thriving because you wanna survive it but then you wanna thrive and rock and make it a party. And also to be able to rock and roll has kept me young and my kids and so it's great."

Life Rocks Foundation

Bret Michaels - "With my Life Rocks Foundation I'm trying to take all that energy and use it for nothing but good. Nothing but good. Every singe city play in, both solo on the Unbroken world tour, and then taking a day off to come here and do this. And then going out with Poison on The Stadium Tour. Every single city we play in we donate money with great charities in that city."

"So we get to rock hard. Party hard. Have a great time, but we leave something awesome behind."

Getting Awards/Recognition

Bret Michaels - "To be able to received the humanitarian of the year award was an incredible moment in my life."

Tommy Lee - "We're going on a f**kin' stadium tour dude. That's what I'm talking about."

Bret Michaels - "That's all I'm sayin'. I don't need to say more. We're going on a f**kin' stadium tour."

Def Leppard 2020.

Def Leppard - 2020 North American Tour Dates

Sunday, June 21 - SAN ANTONIO, TX @ Alamodome - (4:30pm - MC)

Tuesday, June 23 - KANSAS CITY, MO @ Kauffman Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, June 25 - ST. LOUIS, MO @ Busch Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, June 27 - MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ U.S. Bank Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Monday, June 29 - NASHVILLE, TN @ Nissan Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, July 2 - CINCINNATI, OH @ Great American Ballpark - (4:30pm - MC)

Friday, July 3 - CLEVELAND, OH @ FirstEnergy Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, July 7 - MIAMI, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, July 9 - ORLANDO, FL @ Camping World Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, July 11 - CHARLOTTE, NC @ Bank of America Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Tuesday, July 14 - ARLINGTON, TX @ Globe Life Field - (4:30pm - MC)

Wednesday, July 15 - HOUSTON, TX @ Minute Maid Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Sunday, July 19 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ Oracle Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Thursday, July 23 - SAN DIEGO, CA @ Petco Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Saturday, July 25 - PHOENIX, AZ @ State Farm Stadium - (4:30pm - DL)

Sunday, August 9 - ATLANTA, GA @ SunTrust Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 11 - HERSHEY, PA @ Hersheypark Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, August 13 - BUFFALO, NY @ New Era Field - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, August 15 - PHILADELPHIA, PA @ Citizens Bank Park - (5pm - MC)

Sunday, August 16 - PITTSBURGH, PA @ PNC Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 18 - MILWAUKEE, WI @ Miller Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Thursday, August 20 - DETROIT, MI @ Comerica Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, August 22 - WASHINGTON DC @ Nationals Park - (4:30pm - MC)

Sunday, August 23 - FLUSHING, NY @ Citi Field - (5pm - DL)

Tuesday, August 25 - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm - MC)

Wednesday, August 26 - BOSTON, MA @ Fenway Park - (4pm - DL)

Friday, August 28 - CHICAGO, IL @ Wrigley Field - (4pm - DL)

Sunday, August 30 - DENVER, CO @ Coors Field - (4:30pm - MC)

Wednesday, September 2 - SEATTLE, WA @ T-Mobile Park - (4:30pm - DL)

Saturday, September 5 - LOS ANGELES, CA @ SoFi Stadium - (4:30pm - MC)

List includes show times and headliner info.

Visit the 2020 Tour section for all the show pages.

Def Leppard 2019.

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