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DEF LEPPARD's JOE ELLIOTT In Doctors Of Madness Video/Dark Times Album

Def Leppard 2018. Joe Elliott 2018

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott contributed vocals to the new album by Doctors Of Madness and can be seen in a promo video.

The Doctors Of Madness released their first new studio album in 41 years in September 2019.

Joe contributed backing vocals to six songs including the first single 'Make It Stop!'.

He had debuted the song during his weekly Planet Rock radio show in May 2018 over one year before its eventual release.

Whilst recording his vocals at Joe's Garage in Dublin he also filmed his part in the songs promo video. View the video via the YouTube playlist below along with all album tracks.

Other songs contributed to include 'Sour Hour' and 'Blood Brother'.

The album was produced by John Leckie with all songs written by Richard 'Kid' Strange (vocals/guitar) and Elizabeth Dearsley.

Other musicians include - Lily Bud (vocals), Susumu Ukei (bass), Mackii Likei (drums), Dylan O Bates (violin/keyboards), Andy Gallop (percussion), Adam Glen/Neville Farmer (backing vocals).

Joe had attended their London show at the 100 Club in March 2018 just before DL's own show at the Royal Albert Hall. Intended to be their last ever in the capital before they decided to carry on touring.

He also guested with them during a reunion performance in October 2014 in London.

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Doctors Of Madness 2019.

Doctors Of Madness - Dark Times (Tracklisting)

  • 01 - So Many Ways To Hurt You - 5:11
  • 02 - Make It Stop! - 4:39
  • 03 - Sour Hour - 4:34
  • 04 - Walk Of Shame - 3:11
  • 05 - This Kind Of Failure - 4:35
  • 06 - This Is How To Die - 4:12
  • 07 - Blood Brother - 2:41
  • 08 - Dark Times - 9:38
  • Record Label - Molecular Scream
  • Release Date - 13th September 2019
  • Total Time - 38:41 Minutes

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28th December 2019 - Joe Elliott Show Quote

Doctors Of Madness

"They hadn't made a new album in 41 years and then they come out with this thing that is just an absolute monster. And I did mention before the break that the Duff McKagan album is probably my album of the year. It's a close call between that and what we just heard which is the Doctors Of Madness. And the only reason I said that is kind of out of a false modesty I suppose because I'm on six of the nine tracks on the Doctors Of Madness album. So I'm very biased towards it but I wanna play it fair as best I can. That is an amazing bit of work. The album is called Dark Times. The song is Blood Brother."

21st September 2019 - Joe Elliott Show Quote

Doctors Of Madness

"Absolutely brand spanking new Doctors Of Madness there from their album Dark Times featuring yours truly on the harmony vocal actually. Sounds a little Pink Floyd-ish that song. I really like that song it is called Blood Brother."

Richard 'Kid' Strange - September 2019 Quote

"The album features all new songs, and is produced by John Leckie (Radiohead, Muse, Stone Roses, XTC, Simple Minds etc). I was lucky enough to be joined by friends and fans on this record, including Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) who sings backing vocals with me on 6 tracks, as does Sarah Jane Morris and young protest singer Lily Bud."

Joe Elliott - September 2019 Quote

"The Doctors of Madness were the best! Blue hair, sequinned eyelids, a guitar that spelled out "KID", space-age vaudeville that tipped this 16-year old kid over the edge! One of the most original songwriters & performers of my generation. Dark Times is a GREAT album. Wow!"

19th May 2018 - Joe Elliott Show Quotes

"So just before I jumped on the big iron bird that flew me all the way to New York, I had the great pleasure of adding some backing vocals to a brand new song by one of my favourite ever bands the Doctors Of Madness. I've spoken to the good doctor himself, Mr. Richard 'Kid' Strange, and he said yeah go for it. So ladies and gentleman this is a Planet Rock exclusive. The first brand new Doctors Of Madness song in 40 years. Feast your ears on this."

"And before that absolutely brand spanking, and I mean that. It's only been finished three days. That was when the final mix was delivered. It's the Doctors Of Madness' first brand new song in 40 years. Please somebody release this thing. It is called Make It Stop."

21st April 2018 - Joe Elliott Show Quotes

Show Intro

"Evening all, welcome once again. It is the Joe Elliott show on the wonderful Planet Rock. What a busy week it has been at Elliott Towers since we were last together. We have been mixing some live Def Leppard for a future release. No more details. Gotta keep it secret. I've also been moonlighting on some brand new music from the Doctors Of Madness. Yes I've been helping Richard Strange out on a couple of new songs. And I had the boys over from the Down 'n' Outz. We've been working on album number three coming out hopefully some time next year. To get us in the mood here's some old Down 'n' Outz."

Doctors Of Madness

"As I mentioned at the top of the show. I was moonlighting this week with the Doctors Of Madness on one of a couple of new songs they've written. Now all we've gotta do is figure out a way to get them released. So if there's anybody in record world land that's a big fan of the Doctors and wants to release their song. Get in touch. We just heard there though from 1978, their third and final album Sons Of Survival. The title track."

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