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6 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD Start Work On Self-Titled Album In Dublin

Def Leppard 2015.

Def Leppard gathered in Dublin, Ireland on this day in 2014 to start writing and recording new music at Joe Elliott's home studio.

Initially the band hoped to write/record up to four songs and release them on an EP before collecting songs together for a full length album at a later stage.

The band came up with 12 songs in this first month long session. They then regrouped (without Vivian) in May 2014 for a second session bringing the number of new songs up to around 16.

A year later in 2015 the band headed back to Dublin for a final session on the album.

The album titled Def Leppard was eventually released on 30th October 2015.

Read the first messages put up online by Vivian and Phil about the 2014 session below as well as some follow ups by Vivian on the progress of the new songs.

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Phil Collen - 31st January 2014 Facebook Quote

"First London. Now Dublin."

Vivian Campbell - 30th January 2014 Facebook Quote

"Packing my bag for Dublin. Leaving tomorrow to go hang out with the Lepps. We're gonna eat, drink, burp, fart and tell dirty jokes - like men folk do when they get together. There was something else we were planning to do, too.... What was it again? Oh yeah; we're gonna write and record some new music. (Finally, I hear you think)."

Vivian Campbell - 5th February 2014 Facebook Quote

"The weather in Dublin is pure shite. Par for the course at this time of year, of course. Things are going very well in the studio, however; 3 songs on the go thus far, and not one of them a ballad!"

Vivian Campbell - 7th February 2014 Facebook Quote

"4 songs in and we're still very much in 'rock mode'. Pinch me..."

Vivian Campbell - 13th February 2014 Facebook Quote

"Bit windy in Dublin the last few days. And no, it's not the beans!"

Vivian Campbell - 14th February 2014 Facebook Quote

"All going well in the recording process. Who knows, at this rate, we might even make a record worth buying. Not that I would buy it; I'd expect at least one free copy... Just sayin'..."

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