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36 Years Ago DEF LEPPARD's PYROMANIA Tour In Sydney (Photo Gallery/Video)

Def Leppard 1984. Def Leppard 1984

Def Leppard played the last of three shows in Sydney/Coogee, Australia on this day in 1984 with photos/video available.

The show took place at the 2,000 capacity Selina's club at the Coogee Bay Hotel near Sydney.

The last of the three Australian shows after playing the Narara festival the weekend before and a show in Melbourne.

Whilst in Sydney on the day of the show Joe, Sav and Phil were interviewed for local TV.

They spoke to host Donnie Sutherland for his Sounds show where they discussed their career so far, Pyromania album success and the Narara festival performance which had been hit by heavy rain.

View some photos from the show and this TV appearance on the show page.

The full interview video can be seen below.

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Sounds TV - Interviews Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Donnie Sutherland - "Def Leppard who received a fairly wet old welcome at Narara. Joe, Rick, Phil welcome in.. Did that affect you o have to work under those conditions or have you done plenty of that through this last American bit."

Joe Elliott - "We've done one or two like that. Not as bad. I mean, I've never ever seen rain like that in 24 years of being alive."

Donnie - "And is it true 'cause I didn't see the actual occurrence but someone threw water all over themselves."

Joe - "Me."

Rick Savage - "Yeah that was this idiot."

Donnie - "And that was so you would feel as bad off as the people out there."

Joe - "Yeah I just said like if you can get wet we can."

Phil Collen - "We was wet anyway, it was blowing on stage so we were all soaked."

Joe - "The stage was like, you know, puddles all over the place."

Donnie - "I know The Rolling Stones do that sot of thing don't they. Every now and again if they're out in a place where people are actually getting wet they'll just walk out in the rain and say well we've gotta kop it too. Very nice of you to do that."

Donnie - "You've had the three albums and it doesn't appear, when you look at the success of the first couple had in the UK and then of course the Pyromania did in America. It doesn't appear that you had a hard time at any time as a band. But you must of. Can you remember some of the crook times?."

Rick - "There's always plenty of hard times looking back, but they don't seem that bad at the time because you've still got the excitement of being in a band and, you know, you can put up with a lot of things. And we've done some classic gigs in front of ten people and three in the morning, stupid hours like that."

Donnie - "And about money. You obviously had times when you really had to scrape a little. How long have you been together?."

Joe - "Six years now, just over six years."

Donnie - "And so it was a couple of years before you got to record?."

Sav - "It was about two or three years I think."

Joe - "Yeah we did a record on our own which doesn't count I suppose. But I mean it does in a sense. We did this self financed EP. We'd only played like six gigs. And we thought, well we don't wanna play this kind of circuit you know the Workingmen's Clubs where they do cover versions all the time. Or little places where you can't even get your gear in. So we went and did a record just for the hell of it. And it turned out to be pretty good actually and we sent it round all the music papers in England and radio stations and they picked up on it and started playing it a lot. Which got us our first management, which got us our first deal. So it all snowballed from there."

Donnie - "England got behind you very early but it tends to have done a reverse, about face since Pyromania. Why do you think that happened?."

Phil - "The English press are a bit funny. And in England it definitely goes in trends then like say, America. In America a band can be successful for ages, but in England it's different. Like one week you'll have Culture Club and the next week Adam Ant. Literally like that."

Donnie - "And good luck at Selina's tonight which is where you are. Let's have Rock Of Ages. And Def Leppard we thank them very much."

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