Wednesday, 20th November 2019
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VIVIAN CAMPBELL's LAST IN LINE 90% Done With 3rd Album/Changing Record Label

Def Leppard 2019. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by New York radio to promote the Last In Line album and tour.

Vivian spoke to Pat Calamari of The Pat Show on WNXO radio to promote the Last In Line II album.

Vivian talked about being busy, Current Health, back surgeries, Soundcheck Guitar Players, Third Last In Line Album, changing their record label, forming their own label?, Live Music, Rock Star Stu, Sacramento Show, Playing In Last In Line/Def Leppard and Thin Lizzy/T. Rex RRHOF Nominations.

Vivian says Last In Line will find a new record label to release their third album which they hope to record in Jan/Feb 2020.

Listen to the full 19 minute interview below. Viv's part starts at 3 mins in.

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The Pat Show - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes - (Transcribed by dltourhistory)

Third Last In Line Album

"Yeah we're expanding on that. I think we're getting very ambitious with our writing. You know as we did on the II album over the first album which was Heavy Crown with Jimmy. You know ever since Phil's been in the band I think we're stretching more you know. And we're starting to find a sound that' know we're taking some chances. We're experimenting on some stuff."

"And Andy is such a flexible writer. He's able to write a melody across some times what are very unusual sort of musical progressions. And riffy, like more intricate and stuff like that. So we're definitely pushing ourselves. I'd say at this point we probably have 80 or 90 percent of the music done for the record written."

"Obviously Andy's got to do a lot of work and write a lot of the melodies and lyrics and stuff. But he's very very quick with that. And we're hoping to start the record in January or February. We are gonna be looking for a new record label. So that's an exciting thing for us as well you know. We've done a couple of records with Frontiers and we did not renew our contract with them. So we're in negotiations with some major players. So that'll be exciting for us next year to do a new record. And it would be on a new label and hopefully get more of a global reach."

"You know it's all part and parcel of the hard work. I mean we've been working, as you noted, very very hard for the few years with Last In Line. And it'll be nice to actually, you know, take it to the next level."

Form Your Own Label?

"It's not about the money. There's not a lot of money in making records. I mean even for a band like Def Leppard. I mean there's very very few people sell a lot of records now days. Maybe if you're Adele and people like that you know. It's more about getting music to people's ears. I mean that's the hardest part is, you know, distributing music and promoting music and that's the reason to go with an established label."

"In large put when you're a musician the music itself is the reward you know. You create something beautiful and if it means something to people and it resonates with people then that's, you've done your job you know."

Live Music

"The one thing that will never change is live music. I'm happy to say, you know, that's one thing that you can't package it."

Rock Star Stu

"Stu's doing great. I look forward to seeing him and my lovely wife. I actually get to go home for six days next week before going to Europe. And Stu's doing great you know."

"No he doesn't do club tours Patrick. He only tours with Def Leppard. He only stays in expensive hotels."

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