Wednesday, 28th November 2018
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen is featured in another video clip posted to YouTube this time talking about Adrenalize.

The second in a new series of promo videos to promote The Story So Far...The Best Of Def Leppard greatest hits release.

Phil talked about the Adrenalize era, Steve's death, recording the album as a four piece, the changes in music tastes in the 90s and the grunge scene.

View the full video via the playlist link below along with the so far released tracks from the album.

These include the audio of 'We All Need Christmas', 'Personal Jesus (Remix)' and the 'Rock On (Radio Edit)' and the new 'Personal Jesus' promo video.

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Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Let's Get Rocked

"Let's Get Rocked was on the Adrenalize album. A very weird time. Steve Clark passed away while we were demoing the songs for the album. so we finished it off as a four piece and I ad to do all the guitars. So I would learn Steve's guitar parts and hopefully give them, do justice to his style and his playing. But it was really weird 'cause it was like playing along to a ghost because I could hear. Especially when he soloed it there's Steve but he's not here."

80s Rock

"So yeah I done my best to replicate the stuff. One of the songs Let's Get Rocked we...It kind of had a fun, silly upbeat kind of song. It was kind of weird you know Nirvana had just come out and the tide had changed you know, There was MTV type of rock music that was in the 80s. People had got sick of it you know 'cause it had kind of got watered down and got silly. And there was no real kind of grit or integrity to it any more. You know when we done our stuff we was, with Mutt Lange, you know we... there was a lot of integrity. We put a lot of hard work into it and everything and then all these bands that followed with the Hair Metal bands. There was a lot of them that were fairly dreadful."

Grunge Bands

"This happens with every genre of music. Even the grunge thing, you know, you had a few bands. You had Pearl Jam, you had Soundgarden, you had Nirvana. You had Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots if you wanna put that in there. I usually. I think they're a classic rock band actually but they got lumped in there as well. And after that everything else was kind of mediocre. You know after those few bands you had these, and it happens with every genre of music. that's successful."

Adrenalize Album

"So anyway we were kind of unfortunately. We had this album that was kind of still upbeat and all that stuff and then all of a sudden here's Kurt Cobain sing about, you know, some real life issues that he was suffering. So the whole thing changed. It got a little bit darker and everything like that. But we still had this album that was kind of very upbeat and especially this song. Almost a bit silly. Silly rock. And it came out our fans loved it. Album went to Number One. It was during the L.A. riots. You know we had a Number One album. So everything was changing socially and structurally around what we were doing. So it came out. Now, you know, in hindsight you listen to the songs. We'd play it all around the world. Adrenalize was a huge album outside of America. And you know we'd play the song now and it goes down an absolute storm and we love it for what it is. So it's funny how you can change your kind of attitude to it. The fans love it or hate it or get to love it and we do a great version of it. And again it's one of our most important rock songs."

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Def Leppard Videos 2018.


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Phil Collen - Guitar
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