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Def Leppard 2016. By Chele Drappel

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Omaha radio and mentioned the next studio album.

Vivian spoke to Crash Davis of 101.9 The Keg in Omaha ahead of the 19th July show in Lincoln, NE.

Vivian talked about his health, his signature Gibson Les Paul, band longevity, inspired by other bands, side project bands, making new Def Leppard music, self-titled album, music industry, band being independent, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame/Grammys, Hysteria Cruise/Jimmy Bain, new Def Leppard songs, 2019 tour, the live shows and staying in shape.

He spoke about the band working on new songs in 2019 as they will be touring less. Possibly starting the new full length studio album.

Listen to the full 16 minute interview below.

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Crash Davis - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

His Health

"Least of my concerns. Indeed."

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame/Grammys

"Yeah, I don't know but nor do I particularly care Crash you know. I mean it's always nice to be recognised for your work. But at the end of the day it doesn't mean as much to us as it does the applause at the end of the show you know. Def Leppard also never won a Grammy. Not only did Def Leppard never win a Grammy. Def Leppard was never even nominated for a Grammy."

New Def Leppard Songs

"Well, you know, individually we're always writing songs. So I know that if we decided next week to go into the studio we would have plenty of ideas to get started on."

2018 World Tour

" We haven't officially discussed it yet but I would imagine, this year 2018, is a very very heavy touring schedule for the band. You know we're doing 60 plus shows with Journey in North America. Then we're going (to) Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England. And we finish in the UK on December 18th."

New Album/2019 Tour

"So I don't think we'll probably tour quite as heavily in 2019. So there's a very strong chance we'll probably get into the studio and at least start on a new record next year."

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