Tuesday, 13th February 2018
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JOE ELLIOTT On DEF LEPPARD's UK Hysteria Tour (Video)

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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed about the UK Hysteria tour and video is available.

Joe spoke to Ticketmaster UK ahead of the Hysteria & More UK tour.

Joe talked about the Hysteria anniversary, making of the album, its legacy, seven hit singles, Rocket and 2018 UK Hysteria & More Tour.

He previews the UK tour which was first announced on 19th January and now includes the extra date at Wembley Arena on 18th December.

Watch the full 4 minute video interview below.

Visit the Tour News section. For more news on future tour plans.

Ticketmaster UK - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes


"Hi I'm Joe Elliott from Def Leppard and we are bringing Hysteria to the UK in December. Tickets on sale now."

Hysteria Anniversary

"When you just say it out like that. Yeah you think and you go wow that's just insane. But we've never stopped working so it's just one constant career for us. It's like groundhog day but in a good way."

Hysteria Album legacy

"History would say yes in fairness. But it's all with hindsight. You know you don't know it at the time as you're making it, but when I look back. And yoiu can just reel 'em off yourself now. But all the, what I would consider iconic albums. If I'm looking on the outside in. Say for other people. I'm thinking of Hotel California, Rumours, things like that. The trauma that they went through to make those records is quite possibly what made them successful. And we went through all sorts of stuff."

"I mean some of it was funny, some of it was mundane and some of it was downright tragic. But you put all those ingredients together and put it in with a lot of hard work and a lot of thought and fore thought and all that kind of stuff. You're gonna come up with something that's just a little bit different to what everybody else does because they didn't have to go through that. The good or the bad."

2018 UK Hysteria & More Tour

"Coming to the UK finally to play Hysteria is a gas. It's gonna be blast actually, because we promised we would five years. when we did it in Vegas. We did a month and that was because we wanted to do a residency but do something different. And Hysteria was the obvious thing to do. And ever since we've been meaning to do it but we've just had other things on our plate like the last album which we basically toured for the last two years."

"We weren't gonna do it while that was there. We weren't gonna do it on the build up to that. So it had to wait till you know there was a demand for us to play, but with no new record out, we weren't just gonna play the same set as we did with Whitesnake two years ago."

"It's an exciting thing for us to do 'cause we're celebrating a very iconic record. It's part of our past. We do have a lot of fans in the UK that have been chomping at the bit for us to do this and it's really kind of gratifying to finally be able to say as promised."

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