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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Classic Def Leppard Fan Review Houston, TX 2001

Wednesday, 1st March 2017

Euphoria 1999.

Def Leppard played a one-off show in Houston, TX on 1st March 2001 and a fan review was sent in by Michael.

The show took place at the Reliant Astrodome.

Michael - Fan Review Quotes

"The one thing I noticed with respect to the projected video was that during EVERY guitar solo, it went to Phil, even when Viv was soloing; usually it would swap to Viv by the end of his solos. (This was a shortfall of the VH-1 Storytellers show as well, IMO.) If they intend to use this for a TV show or video, hopefully there was another camera on Viv and they'll use that footage appropriately. Joe and Phil were the only two running around the stage with energy, IMO."

"As usual Phil had his shirt ripped off by the second song. Partway through the show, Joe did make a comment about them playing the rodeo, and asked to have the lights turned onto the crowd; this was not only so he could see the crowd, but so he could take a picture with his own camera. Also, during LGR, he changed the line to, "I suppose a RODEO's outta the question...""

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