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DEF LEPPARD Hysteria 30 Photo Special (1987 ANIMAL Video Shoot)

Thursday, 20th July 2017

Animal 1987.
Def Leppard 1987

Def Leppard's classic Hysteria era single Animal is now 30 years old and photos from the video shoot are available.

The first single to be released from the 'Hysteria' album in the UK.

It would go on to reach Number 6 and become the band's first ever Top Ten hit single.

The video was filmed in late May 1987 just outside of Amsterdam in Holland.

The band spent three days with a travelling Romanian circus.

They performed the song in the main tent and in various other locations.

The video was many UK fans' introduction to the band via airplay on TV shows like Top of The Pops, The Chart Show, The Roxy, No Limits and the early days of MTV Europe.

View the photos below along with commentary from Sav and a media photo taken during the video shoot.

Read an Animal 30th Anniversary special with photos and single sleeve trivia.

Animal Video Shoot Photo Gallery - By dltourhistory

Photos taken for Metal Hammer by photographer Irene Vogeli.

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September 1987 - Rick Savage Animal Video Commentary

"Hello welcome back to the Def Leppard hour and although many of you might think that it's a cushy number being in a rock band and playing around gigs and doing this and doing that. It's not always like laying around in a hammock. It's not as easy as that all the time. One of the hard parts of being in the band is actually filming videos. It's very hard work and the latest one that we had for 'Animal' basically about us being in the circus."

Animal 1987.
Def Leppard 1987

"We literally went to live with the circus and hang around and just literally invaded their lives for two or three days. And it was good for them to see how a rock band works and it was great for us to see how just circus people travelling around the country, packing the gear up every night - because they really work really, really hard and I think they kind of realised that sometimes bands have to work hard to achieve videos as well."

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