Thursday, 19th January 2017
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On This Day In Def Leppard History - 19th January 2017

Def Leppard History.

On This Day in Def Leppard History - 18th January, the following concerts and events took place. Including a show in Lubbock, TX during the 'Euphoria' tour on this day in 2000.

This show was notable due to the opening song 'Stagefright'. The song was rarely played during the tour and this was the only recorded time it was used as an opening song.

On this day in 2016 the second day of Joe Elliott's recorded appearance was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 show 'Tracks Of My Years' .

Read more about this show as posted last year including a transcript.

On this day in 2011 Vivian Campbell was to have played a show with Thin Lizzy in Ipswich, England but due to structural issues at the venue it was postponed. The band returned there on 1st June just after Vivian had rejoined Def Leppard for the 'Mirrorball' tour.

As of 2017, Def Leppard have played 2 times on this date.

Joe Elliott 2015.
2016 - Joe Elliott Radio Appearance

Tracks Of My Years Day 2, BBC Radio 2, UK

Thin Lizzy 2011.
2011 - Live Concert / Thin Lizzy (Vivian Campbell)

Regent Theatre, Ipswich, ENGLAND - (Postponed)

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