Tuesday, 31st January 2017
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New Def Leppard EP Vinyl Release On Amazon UK For April

The Def Leppard EP 1979.

Def Leppard's first vinyl record The Def Leppard EP is being listed for a re-release in April by Amazon UK.

The original three track EP was first released by the band in January 1979 having been recorded over two days in Hull, England in November 1978.

The vinyl disc will be released in the UK on 14th April via Amazon.

The original EP featured 'Ride Into the Sun', 'Getcha Rocks Off' and 'The Overture' on 7" vinyl. The Japanese Amazon site lists this same release an an import and reveals it to be a 12" rather than a 7".

Record Store Day in the UK is not until 22nd April this year so this release is unlikely to be tied in with that.

It should be noted the record label listed is "Commercial Marketing" and not the same label for any of the recent official vinyl releases.

Commercial Marketing 'appears' to be connected to Universal Records, the same label Def Leppard left after the Sparkle Lounge album and have an ongoing dispute with over digital royalties. Many other artists have vinyl releases on Amazon under this label name.

The self-titled 'DEF LEPPARD' album was released on vinyl under the label "Select-O-Hits", a distribution label actually based in Memphis, TN.

Before that the 'Mirrorball' vinyl was released via a deal with Frontiers Records.

The original EP was released using the Bludgeon Riffola label name the band made up themselves in 1978 following a bad review in the local Sheffield press.

Joe mentioned in November 2016 that the 'YEAH!' album would be released on vinyl.

Currently there are no other new vinyl releases listed for any other Def Leppard albums.

Many thanks to Phil.

The Def Leppard E.P. (2017) - Product Details

  • Format - 1 Disc (12" Vinyl)
  • Label - Commercial Marketing (Universal)
  • Current Price - £11.15
  • Release Date - 14th April 2017

Order 'The Def Leppard E.P.' Online

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