Wednesday, 23rd August 2017
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Hysteria 1987.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed about the Hysteria album and the new 30th anniversary edition.

Joe recently spoke with Christopher Friedmann of Artist Direct for the 30th anniversary of the album.

Joe talked about putting together the Hysteria 30th anniversary release, 30th anniversary of the original album, recording, album success, production, how PSSOM was written, 2017 tour, South American tour and Rick Allen's 1984 car accident/return to drumming.

Joe explains that he put together the new package with Universal Music product Manager Steve Hammonds who also worked on the previous Adrenalize and Pyromania Deluxe Editions in 2009.

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Artist Direct - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Hysteria 30th Anniversary Edition

"We haven’t really thought too much about the anniversary release, collectively. It gets mentioned because basically I kind of took it by the reigns when they needed to start putting this thing into motion, which was quite a long time ago now. I’m the archivist if you like, I’m the one with the library and the tapes and the studio and all that kind of stuff, so I was the one who had to go through it all and start piecing it all together with Steve Hammonds, a guy at Uni in the UK who is my contact guy there. Of course I had just been relaying information back and forth to the guys, so everyone is aware of it, but I think they are going to be more aware of it probably two days before it drops, when they go, “Wow, 30 years holy crap!”

"I’ve kind of been living it for nine months, so for me it’s just another day of something that is monumental in our life, and maybe in a few fans’ eyes too."

Putting The Package Together

"It was a case of pulling everything significant from that time period together to make this thing value for money, plus the fact that there’s the book and there’s the box set, all the original artwork, Steve Hammonds, he researched this like like Indiana Jones. He was just insane. You’ve got the b-sides, the 12-inch remixes, the radio edit, the live soundtrack from Live: In the Round, in Your Face, which has never been available legally on CD. It was on a VHS tape. It becomes six discs I believe."

Rick Allen's Return

"After he came out after four months he didn’t want anyone to hear him or see him, he went, “I want you to come hear something,” and he invited us in to listen to him play and I believe it was “When the Levee Breaks” or something like that, and it was emotional. That was a very grounding moment. It’s something you never forget."

The 'Hysteria 30th Anniversary Edition' was released around the world on 4th August.

Buy 'Hysteria 30th Anniversary Edition' Online

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