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Joe Elliott Says Def Leppard Album Is A Great Sounding Record

Wednesday, 13th January 2016

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Fox News and mentioned the new album/tour.

Joe talks about the new album, production, album sequencing, the big vocal sound, the live show/setlists, PSSOM, Taylor Swift/Crossroads, the 2015 tour and future plans.

The main 2016 tour kicks off/starts up again on 27th January in Greensboro, NC.

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Fox News - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The New Album

"Yeah, thanks, it is a great-sounding record. The thing about making records in 2015 is you can make them sound any way you want. We could have made this record sound like the first Clash record, or we could have made it sound like [Pink Floyd’s] "The Dark Side of the Moon."

"Ronan knows what to do to make it sound like we’re in Abbey Road, even though we weren’t. But all that is meaningless if there’s no song and no substance to work with in the first place."

Continued Touring

"We want to do the same thing — as long as we can pace ourselves and do it well. I’ve never been of the headspace of the “Let’s just see how many gigs we can cram in as we can” guy, because then you tend to wind up doing a lot of bad shows. I’d rather do fewer shows, and do them well, rather than doing more shows, and doing them blasé."