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Joe Elliott Discusses The Lyrics Of New Song Blind Faith

Sunday, 31st January 2016

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Florida radio and mentioned the new album.

Joe talked about the recent rock deaths including David Bowie, Bowie's influence on him/meeting him, Suffragette City, playing Bowie songs live, MTV, the cruise (before it took place), Dangerous, the new album, Blind Faith, the album title and the Down 'n' Outz/side projects.

The interview was conducted before the cruise took place and before Joe got ill. Probably on the 19th when he did other interviews ahead of flying to Miami, FL.

Listen to the full 29 minute interview below.

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Chris Chaos - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Blind Faith about the band Blind Faith?

"It's literally what it says on the tin. The song lyrically is about blindly following any specific say religion without questioning why you're doing it. Maybe you're doing it because your parents did or your Grandparents. Or you're just kind of brainwashed into not thinking before you tread fearlessly into that kind of area of your life. Which could be like a lot of - I live in Catholic Ireland and for many, many years almost everyday you'd pick up the paper and there would be something about a priest that was doing bad things and it was that like. If you tell your parents you'll burn in hell and it was like well that side of organised religion just doesn't do it for me."

"So we wrote a song. It was a very moody piece of music and it needed something that was a little bit more in that direction for it to match with it. And I just - I don't preach. That's the one thing I've never tried to do in lyrics. If you look at the lyrics on the album for that song. Everything is a question. It's not me pointing the finger and wagging it and you know dictating the way things should be. It's just question your own way of thinking. before you dive deep into that kind of thing. So no it's nothing to do with Stevie Winwood or Eric Clapton. It's a little deeper than that."

The Def Leppard Album Title

"It's Def Leppard. It's the strangest thing you know a lot of bands just - they call their first album after the band and then they move on to names. We did it the other way around you know. 35 years as a band and we'd never done it. It just seemed like the logical thing to do. And we were piecing this record together and friends and family would be asking us what does the album sound like?. Come on give us a clue. We all found ourselves saying it sounds like Def Leppard. When we all told these stories to each other we just kind of looked at each other and said I think maybe that's the album title then."

The End For The Band?

"No, no. I've said often in interviews if Blind Faith with it being the last track on the record, is the last thing that we ever do. It's a great way to go out but we're not planning on that. You just - I mean you don't plan too far ahead when you've been around for 35 years because anybody with a brain realises you've had more than you're ever gonna have again. But it doesn't mean it's gonna come to a drastic end. I mean the Stones are 52 years into it now. The Who not far off. And then you've got Aerosmith and AC/DC at maybe 40, 43 years or something like that. We're at 35. You know with a bit of luck and a bit of good fortune there's life in the old dog yet."


"Yeah we've been playing that one live around the rest of the world. The album just dropped as we left the States pretty much. So you know Let's Go and Dangerous have become kind of part of the set now. And it's a great song to play live. It's classic Def Leppard. the first two songs on the album are what we like to call classic Def Leppard. If you turned on your radio and heard it for the first time without it being announced. And you like the kind of music that we make. I've got a feeling that most people would go that sounds like Def Leppard to me."

"And that was what we tried to do with the first couple of songs. And then on the rest of the album it kind of breaks off into different tangents. It's still got the Leppard stamp of approval if you like. The sound. But song writing wise we've progressed a little bit. We've moved just slightly left field in certain areas. And it's for the better. It's really worked. It's not going uncommercial. It's just bringing in other flavours. But with Dangerous it's got the classic sound that a song like Promises or Photograph had. It's supposed to be reminiscent."