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Def Leppard Discuss The Recording Of The New Album Part Two

Saturday, 2nd January 2016

Def Leppard 2015.
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Def Leppard were interviewed last year by Classic Rock and talked about the making of the new album.

In part two the band talk about how Vivian's health has affected them and Vivian himself talks about it from his own perspective.

Part two of the interview is now available and lasts for 9 minutes.

Watch the full interview on YouTube (Parts 1 & 2) along with all the other album related videos so far released.

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Classic Rock - Interview Quotes

Joe Elliott

"Vivian, I've read a few interviews he's done over the last couple of weeks, and he's selling himself a little short. When he says like he didn't really do a lot. He did quite a lot!. He just didn't do the second session. That was all. We got together as a five piece at my studio Joe's Garage in Dublin, Ireland in February 2014 and we wrote twelve songs. We got back together in May of that year and Vivian couldn't make it because he was having treatment for cancer. So the four of us worked on the twelve songs that we had already written and came up with two more. Me and Phil wrote Forever Young and Broke 'n' Brokenhearted. And then when we got out on the road with KISS I wrote some lyrics for the songs that were finished. Vivian did some guitars on laptops just to play catch up. And then we all finished everything off together when the tour was over."

"So you know it didn't directly affect anything because the initial twelve songs that we wrote. Vivian was there for. For the other two that got wrote in the second thing. They would have been written anyway because it was just me and Phil messing around in a room when Vivian would've been sat next door drinking coffee. Or in the studio doing something. They would've still got written. So nothing dynamically in that respect changed whether he was there for the second session or not. But he only missed two weeks and he played catch up. You know we set up in the dressing rooms backstage on tour. Or in hotel rooms and he'd play on the songs that he had been involved in on the first session anyway. So it was like it wasn't really that big a deal."