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Rick Allen Says Band Let Influences Shine On New Album

Saturday, 16th January 2016

Def Leppard 2015.
Pic by Chele Drappel

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed recently by The KVJ show in West Palm Beach and audio is available.

Rick talked about his favourite Def Leppard album, the new album/Hysteria, recovering from his car accident, Pyromania, musical influences on the new album, creativity, his current lifestyle, the band's longevity and when they might stop, the Rolling Stones, the band's 2015 photo with Brian May, the Raven Drum foundation, his artwork/photography and Def Leppard's own cover art.

Def Leppard return to Florida on 29th January in Sunrise, FL on the 2016 tour.

Listen to the full 17 minute interview below. The station also posted a number of photos online.

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The KVJ Show - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

The New Def Leppard Album

"You know what I have to mention the latest one because, you know, because of the way that it came together. We went in just to do a couple of songs. We ended up putting down 15 songs. And we loved all of them."

Having said that I think coming back into recording Hysteria after my accident made it even more memorable because it was one of those times when I really had to dig deep. And you know just find that human spirit. And it was a big time, it was a big time of change for me. So I think that has to register really, really strongly in terms of you know my favourite."


"Pyromania was more like that. I think Hysteria became more polished. Whereas Pyromania was more rock. We loved it. I mean at the time we were making it we didn't necessarily know that it was gonna have the kind of success that it had. But I think the fantastic thing about Pyromania is it brought harmonies. It brought vocal harmonies and hooks. And the cool thing was I think a lot of the boyfriends that came along to the shows or whatever. They were like ahhh you know I'm just doing this for my girlfriend. But then they came along to see us at the shows and there was this hard edge. You know it was the guitars, huge drums, thunderous bass. So I think it sort of brought those two worlds together where you had you know melodies but you also had that hard edge."

Hard Edge On New Album

"I think so and I think we did that on this new record. And I think the reason for that - we weren't afraid to just express ourselves. We were like you know what if we don't do it now when are we gonna do it. And it was like all the influences you know. I mentioned David Bowie earlier. Huge influence on Def Leppard. Queen. Mott The Hoople. Sweet. Slade. You know all these different bands that we grew up listening to. And it was a great opportunity for us to let the musical influences really shine. And let those come through."

Brian May Attending The London Show

"We were. I mean we all get star struck you know once in a while. But you know for him to be at the show and he stayed out at the mixing board the - we had people watching him! - he was out at the mixing board the whole time we were on stage. You know he came back and he's like wow you guys, you get better."

That Means A lot To You

"Of course it does. Especially if you've been to see a Queen live show. You know back in the day and even now it's like second to none."

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