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Rick Allen Recalls The Def Leppard/Ded Flatbird Story (Video/Photos)

Saturday, 10th December 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was interviewed yesterday by New York radio to promote his artwork and video/photos are available.

Rick appeared live on the Jim Kerr Rock And Roll Morning Show in New York yesterday morning.

Rick talked about being in New York near Christmas time, his kids/wife, concert tickets, record sales, the Hysteria album, how he started drumming, joining Def Leppard in 1978, his brother Robert, his artwork, his accident and recovery and retells the Ded Flatbird story.

He told the story once again of how the name 'Ded Flatbird' came about when Phil's ex-wife Jackie was preparing for the birth of his son Rory in the early 90s.

The name later used by the band in 2013 on the VIVA! Hysteria residency in Las Vegas, NV.

One of the T-Shirts mentioned was worn onstage in Australia by Sav on the 1992 Adrenalize tour. A modified version of the regular Adrenalize album cover T-Shirt.

Rick is visiting The Mall at Shorts Hills, NJ later today for another art exhibition event.

Watch the full 14 minute interview video below.

Also view some screenshots.

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Rick Allen 9th December 2016 - Photo Gallery

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Q104.3/Jim Kerr Rock And Roll Morning Show - Rick Allen Interview Quotes

Starting To Drum/Joining Def Leppard

"Yeah and then I met with Joe. Actually it was an interesting story. I read a piece in the local newspaper and it said 'Leopard Loses Skins'. So I was about to give up at the ripe old age of 14 because I was fed up with the local bands."

"And then I met with Joe and Steve in a local club. And then I went for an audition and got the job and the rest is history."

"At 14 I joined Def Leppard round about my fifteenth birthday."

Ded Flatbird Story

"Yes, really interesting story. Phil's wife Jackie she was telling the story about the band that her husband played in and her mid Western accent came out. And it came out as Ded Flat Bird. So this girl thought that it was Ded Flatbird. So we kind of ran with it and we made up T-Shirts."

"And then when we did the Vegas residency it was like well we need an opening band. So Joe's like let's do Ded Flatbird. So it meant that we could play every single song that we would never normally play."

"But the funny thing was a lot of the audience didn't think it was us. We were getting booed. It was great like the worst cover band.

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