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Phil Collen On Def Leppard's Wonderful Self-Titled Album

Thursday, 15th December 2016

Def Leppard 2016.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed in September by San Francisco radio about the current album.

Phil talked about not wearing a shirt on stage, the current studio album, martial arts and the Adrenalized book.

He was promoting the recent show in Mountain View, CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Listen to the full 4 minute interview below.

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Lamont And Tonelli - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

The Self-Titled Def Leppard Album

"It's wonderful. It's one of the best ones we've done. I'm so proud of it. It's really cool. And really that's why we called it Def Leppard because it actually represents us. Not a business agenda or some record company executive or any of that stuff. It's actually exactly as we planned it. So yeah no we're really proud of it."

Adrenalized Book

"It's about, obviously it starts off with me in London being born in London. It's just really nought to 57, I was 57 when it came out, within 200 pages. So yeah pretty much and it obviously covers all the Def Leppard stuff as well. But yeah it's the other things that I think that are more important. Where it actually takes you and changes you as a person from being like a factory worker leaving school at 16 to sitting here talking to you."

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