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14 Years Ago Def Leppard's Now Single At Number 23 In The UK

Wednesday, 17th August 2016

Now 2002.

Def Leppard's classic single Now peaked at Number 23 in the UK charts 14 years ago on this day in 2002.

The first single to be released from the X/Ten album.

The single had been released on 5th August, exactly 23 years after they signed to Phonogram Records.

It entered the Top 100 chart on this day at its peak position of 23.

In total it spent only two weeks inside the Top 100 and fell to Number 53 in week two.

Joe, Phil and Vivian had performed the song acoustically on Top Of The Pops on Friday 16th August.

The show had now moved to Friday's and featured live performances alongside the traditional playback ones.

At Number One in this week was Darius who had also played the Feel The Noise show along with Lep at Sheffield Arena in July 2002.

Read some band member comments about this song.

UK Top Five Singles - 17th August 2002

  • 01 - Darius - Colourblind
  • 02 - Coldplay - In My Place - (New Entry)
  • 03 - Madhouse - Like A Prayer - (New Entry)
  • 04 - Gareth Gates - Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)
  • 05 - Will Smith (ft. Tra-Knox) - Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head)
  • 23 - Def Leppard - Now - (New Entry)

Def Leppard 2002.
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Joe Elliott - 2002 Interview Quote

"Itís wanton lust dressed up a little less dramatically. "Now" is a perfect title. "Iíve got to have somebody right now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Right now." Itís relationship stuff. Most of the lyrics on the album touch on human emotion."

Vivian Campbell - 2002 Interview Quote

"This was the love album. We had to curtail it, actually. We were getting a little too Barry White."

Joe Elliott - 2002 Interview Quote

"It was getting too lovey-dovey, so we had to write some hate in there as well. Itís love and hate and jealousy and envy. Anything that people can go, "Yep. Iíve been there and done that myself, or seen that in somebody elseís life." With "Now," itís two people needing to get together as soon as possible."

Phil Collen - 2002 Interview Quote

"We heard "Jaded," the song Aerosmith wrote with Marty Frederiksen, and thought, "Wow, this sounds cool. It sounds contemporary and energetic. But itís obviously Aerosmith. Wouldnít it be great if there was a Def Leppard version of that?" We got Marty Frederiksen and it was instant. Heís a multi-talented musician with the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old boy. It influenced the rest of the album. He came in and said, "Itís got to have conviction. Itís got to be aggressive. Itís got to be like you really mean it." That affected all the other songs we did."

Joe Elliott - 2002 Interview Quote

"I see ĎNowí as one of those great examples of meeting of the traditional thing and the contemporary sound that we are introducing on this record. Itís got the elements of like, you know, the real drums, itís got I wouldnít say big backing vocals, but itís got powerful BVs on the chorus. I had the opportunity, vocally, to express it much more in a singing voice than in a screechy voice, which is kind of something that, you know, I enjoy a lot more, to be quite honest."

Vivian Campbell - 2005 Quote

"One of three songs for the 'X' album that we did with Marti Frederiksen. Who brought in a guy to put in some background loops. It's a low register song for Joe. But it really showcases the warmth of his voice. It's kinda subtle I guess."

Phil Collen - 2005 Quote

"Marti lives in California, so do I. The song was demoed in my front room in about 10 minutes flat. From the start it had a really good feel and the other guys getting involved made it something really special."

Joe Elliott - 2005 Quote

"It opened the 'X' album because it wasn't a usual Def Leppard song. We didn't want something that would fly out the door. It starts simplistically and builds into the chorus which makes it haunting. But it's claws still get you after a single listen."

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