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Joe Elliott Says Impact Of David Bowie's Death Will Be Felt Forever

Tuesday, 5th April 2016

Joe Elliott/David Bowie 1999.
Dublin October 1999

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed on 1st April by Toronto radio and mentioned David Bowie.

Joe talked about his motivation to keep playing live/making music, David Bowie, Ian Hunter, seeing his favourite artists live, The Struts, his voice issues, the new Def Leppard studio album, their recent touring schedules, Down 'n' Outz/side bands, how long the band will go on for and who is the prankster in the band.

Joe once again reflected on David Bowie's death which happened 10th January in New York.

The interview was conducted on 1st April to promote the 16th July Toronto, ON show.

Listen to the full 15 minute interview below.

Maie Pauts/Boom 97.3 - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

David Bowie's Death

"Yeah if you're of a certain age. Yeah of course. You know we all saw the kind of candle lit vigils (for) people like Lennon and Elvis and all that kind of stuff. And I've always often heard Americans say that they know where they were when JFK was assassinated. There's these pivotal moments in everybody's life. Some of the them more important than others. But for people of a certain age Bowie is their Elvis and he certainly was for me."

"So the impact is - it will be felt forever. You know I mean he's been in my life. Just me being a distant observer, for 44 years or something. That's a hell of a long time. I mean other than my parents this is the longest relationship I've had with an entity if you like. It might sound a bit weird and pretentious but it is meant in the best way. I mean seriously he totally inspired. It doesn't matter whether you make the same kind of music."

"But the fact that he was the pivotal starting point when I was a kid. It was a terrible thing I mean my phone was beeping all morning. I was, 7, 7:!5, I was ready to get up and I'd been beeping. What's going on?. I turned it over and there it said. Have you heard? on the headline of one of the emails. And I always hate that phrase because I know exactly what it means. And then it was like David Bowie died. And I'm like nah...Internet hoax. Then I turned on the TV and lo and behold. No hopes. You know so it was pretty yeah - it was a horrible week. A really horrible week."

"I mean obviously everybody's coming to terms with it you know. And again they'll be people listening to this going why can you be so kind of wrapped up in just some guy that you don't really know that well's death. But that's the whole point of music. It's the way that people connect to it. It's in different degrees. Some of us want front row tickets. Some people are happy in the nosebleeds. Some people go to every single gig by an artist that they ever do. And then other just catch a band now and again. It depends where you are in that circle you know. And for me, I'm in the obsessive orbit if you like."

Meeting/Performing With David Bowie

"Oh yeah, yeah many times. He was a pretty sweet guy. Yeah we were on stage at the Freddy Mercury gig together. We did - when he got up and did Heroes with Queen and then he brought Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter out to do All The Young Dudes and me and Phil Collen did backing vocals. I mean again one of those magic moments in your career when you go that's three minutes I'm really glad I did."

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