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Phil Collen Says New Single Has Classic Def Leppard Vocal Sound

Saturday, 12th September 2015

Phil Collen 2014.
Phil Collen Auburn 2014

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed last month by Canadian radio and mentioned the forthcoming new single.

Phil talked about the Delta Deep album, his guitar playing and approach to the band compared to Def Leppard, the 2015 Def Leppard studio album, the first single and Windmill Lane II studio demolition.

Phil mentions the first single is likely to have a very classic Leppard vocal heavy sound. This appears to be the same track mentioned by Phil in early August when talking to Dallas radio.

The interview was conducted/broadcast on 22nd August.

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Best Album Since Hysteria?

"Yeah and I really believe that. I think it's all the above. It depends on what track you're talking about. So I agree with Joe and Vivian. But then it's got probably the most commercial Top 40 sounding song on there. Every song is its own project. And I think that you know we went in to do it - we went in to do a single and came out with 12 written songs. So that's really how it came about. And we done it like you know Zeppelin, the Stones, Bowie. Here's a great story you know the Stones went in to Muscle Shoals and they record Wild Horses and Brown Sugar in two days. And I think that we had that approach you know. James Brown used to do it. They'd get an idea for a song. Write the song and record it while its hot. While you're really into it and then it came out and it has a different feel about it and that's what we done on this record."

New Single

"So you know there's one song that we (went) completely over the top rock. One song actually (that's) probably gonna be the first single. We went so overboard on the backing vocals. You know and a lot of people go oh well you're never gonna be able to play this live. You know well they said that about Love Bites. And of course you know you can you do it - we do a great version. So it's more important to get the idea out. If you're following that passion and that muse and you get it and it actually starts working."

"So every song on this record has its own life and therefore all the passion that went into each particular song is way different when you go in and sit in a room for a year and trying to come up with ideas. These were the ideas and we had the inspiration and followed it."

"So it's a very different way of doing a record for Def Leppard and therefore I think it came out in a different way really."

Making The Album In A Relaxed Way

"Absolutely you know I think that when you do have to - the industry got in such a way that especially in the 80s and 90s where it was like the label's going OK so we've got a song, we've got a second single, now we need some fillers. You just do that and it became a commodity. On this really wasn't. This was an artistic expression for us and that was - we haven't had an artistic expression album since we done the Slang album. So it's a long time coming. Only this one I think we really got it right because we worked on the songs you know when we got the idea."

"Like I said each song - we came back - we done three different recording sessions. We wasn't all sitting around waiting and Joe would go back and you know do some stuff with Ronan whose our out front guy and our co-producer on the record. So we wasn't all sitting around. It was just pure inspiration you know it was just such a great way of doing it. You know in an era where most people don't - don't really have to make albums any more. So no we loved it for the love of music. It's great."

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New Song Vocal Sound

"Our new album - some of the stuff I'm doing a hundred voices - just me that is. A hundred vocals. Three part harmony. I do 30 odd of one. 30 of another one and - I know you have to get it absolutely precise. It sterilises it a little bit but then you get this huge Def Leppard sound."