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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Def Leppard Album Classic Rock Fanpack Review

Friday, 30th October 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
By dltourhistory

Def Leppard's new album was released earlier today and the Classic Rock Fanpack has arrived in homes across the UK.

And what a splendid thing it is - almost as good as the album?. Let's not go nuts! - but it is a very cool package.

The Limited Edition version of the album is contained within the outer cardboard container.

Inside you find the 116 page magazine, two A4 sized card flats (pictures on either side-one new photo and three classic ones) plus two metal guitar pick key rings.

The album is packaged in a book style - similar to the Songs From The Sparkle Lounge Limited Edition from 2008, only smaller.

The liner notes contain a lengthy message written by Geoff Barton dated 25th September 2015. A bit similar to one written by fellow UK journalist Dave Ling in the Best Of from 2004.

The glass artwork is used throughout interspersed with some Ross Halfin promo pics. The Thank you list is all on the same page and in one long section on its own.

Highlights of that include these:

Def Leppard would like to thank... "Stuart the small dog" and "The Mighty Triangle Of Loovens"...

Visit the Album News section. For more news on new music (based on band member quotes) dating back to January 2011.

Def Leppard Classic Rock Fanpack - Photos

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.

Def Leppard - Track 15 - We Belong (Alternative Vocal Take) - 5.09

Basically the same as the version on the main album. The only real difference being this is sung entirely by Joe. In other words it could have been titled the (Joe Elliott Vocal Version).

Def Leppard - Track 16 - Let's Go (UK Radio Edit) - 3:56

Not, it turns out, the 4:40 version played by radio stations including Planet Rock. This one starts at the main guitar intro and cuts out all of the vocal intro. The mid section is also shortened along with the outro.

Here is a quick guide to the magazine.

Also you can view a video where Joe explains the fanpack posted by Classic Rock.

Def Leppard Classic Rock Fanpack - Contents

1 - Brian May (Queen) foreword.

This is a brilliant intro to the magazine.

Notice the little error. Quote - "This is what you've being waiting for. A new album from the boys who make you weak at the knees (And not through old age - ha-ha!)."

This foreword is five or six paragraphs long and here's a stand out quote - "Okay... I'll admit it. Analysis is futile. This is a classic Def Leppard album. Who could ask for more?."

You'd probably be quite happy if you were a member of Def Leppard reading these words written by someone from Queen...I would!.

2 - Contents Page

The contents shown on one page and a full page introduction from Joe (sporting a hat in the photo) on the other.

Joe intro quote - "Welcome, one and all to the first ever Def Leppard fanpack!."

Ending quote - "I hope you all enjoy this new Def Leppard album as much as we do!! Rock On!."

Yes, I do.

3 - Joe Elliott Interview.

The interviews in this magazine are great and very lengthy.

This one goes on for all of - 17 pages. One little thing to note is there are many photos in here I've never seen before. Not that I'm that interested in photos of the band! but a couple stood out. Two or three shots of Joe from the recording of the Pyromania album. "I believe" - taken in Battle, Sussex where they recorded most of the album. One shows him recording vocals. Another in studio with a copy of the High 'n' Dry album on the mixing desk.

4 - Joe Elliott's Track By Track guide to the new album. 4 pages long.

Very interesting stuff. Including this little bit about "Invincible" - which as you all now know is the Rick Allen song.

Joe - "It was Rick Allen who came up with that guitar lick."

5 - Page 29 - A one page interview with Ronan McHugh.

He tells the story of how he came to work for and with the band at their live shows and in the studio. Most interesting. Random Fact - he's 43 years old.

6 - Rick Savage Interview

Or Q and A as they call them inside the magazine. 12 pages for this one.

I haven't had the chance to read them all but glancing at this one he gives some very lengthy answers and one is about Steve Clark.

Quote - "So to us it sounds like a Def Leppard album. No question about it."

7 - 4 page time line of the band's history.

Very small one paragraph blurbs about some historical events. Writing about Def Leppard historical events? - sounds very familiar to me...

8 - Rick Allen Interview - 10 pages.

Lots of stuff about the accident and recovery.

Quote - Do you have a favourite album? - "I have two that I really love. I love the new record and I love Slang as well."

9 - Phil Collen Interview - 12 pages.

Another lengthy one. Includes stuff about Manraze and Delta Deep.

10 - Malvin Mortimer Interview - 1 page

A brief history of his involvement with the band. Funny quotes about the Release Me song being successful in Greece.

11 - "A Bit On The Side"

Two page feature talking about some of the band's side projects and past production credits for other artists.

Vivian quote about the Last In Line record - "I am very excited for people to hear what we've done."

12 - Vivian Campbell Interview 12 pages.

Again very lengthy and as you'd expect lots of stuff about his health over the last two years.

The ending talks more about the Last In Line album.

Quote about the new album - "I can honestly say it's the best one I've done with the band."

13 - 4 page feature on working with Mutt Lange.

Includes the Pyromania in studio photo mentioned above. This feature is written by journalist Derek Oliver.

14 - Past Albums Re-Reviewed in 2015

Every studio album from On Through The Night up to Sparkle Lounge plus VIVA! Hysteria. A 22 page feature to end the mag.

One page for photos tied to each album and one page of text for each.

YEAH! is included but the hits/best of/compilations are not and neither are the Deluxe Editions.

Last two pages are a big ad for the UK tour. With five dates shown as 'Sold Out'.

End Thoughts

All in all a brilliant magazine to go with a brilliant album.

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