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Ross Halfin Comments On Def Leppard's Tokyo/Osaka Shows

Wednesday, 11th November 2015

Def Leppard 2015.
Pic by Mark

Photographer Ross Halfin has commented on the latest Def Leppard shows in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

The show took place at the Nippon Budokan.

Ross posted a new diary on his official website talking about the shows in Tokyo and Osaka where he is one again working with the band.

Ross echoed Joe's statements on the night that the Tokyo crowd was much louder than they had been in the past.

It was also very noticeable to those of us who've followed tours for many years that local fans posted way more photos/video clips from this show than previous years.

In fact more than almost any other so far on the 2015 tour. The Budokan holds 12,000 people so this won't continue for the other three shows where the capacities are much lower - 1,700 to 2,700 seats.

See the main Tokyo show page and the Media/News Links section for well over 200 photos.

He also posted a shot already posted online by the band taken inside the legendary Martial Arts Hall aka Nippon Budokan. View this below.

Vivian posted a message from Japan earlier today about some of the band visiting the city of Kyoto on their day off.

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Listen to audio of the full Tokyo Show in the - Fan Videos section

Ross Halfin - 11th November 2015 Quote

"Def Leppard at the Tokyo Budokan. Normally a polite crowd this time they were going crazy as soon as they came on. Joe Elliott played a dedicated the into to One Of The Boys to me. Osaka show was strange to shoot the stage was two foot high and when I stood up I felt I was in the middle of the band in the middle of the show."

Joe Elliott - Tokyo Pre TSB Speech Excerpt

"Thank you. (after brief acoustic snippet) That's for you Ross. Ross Halfin, legendary photographer. There he is. This is his favourite song so dedicate this to Ross."

Joe Elliott - Tokyo Pre Rock Of Ages Speech Excerpt

"I have to say Tokyo this has been an amazing start to our tour. First night. What a crowd thank you. Domo Arigato. It's always a pleasure to come here. You guys have always been very good to us. But tonight has been very different because, tonight you have been the loudest I remember us ever having a crowd in Tokyo. The loudest crowd. And we thank you for that."

Vivian Campbell - 11th November Facebook Quote

"60% of Def Leppard went to Kyoto today to visit the shrines. Although it was very crowded, it was most beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect. I took many pictures, but I won't bother posting any here, as we had Ross 'I'm-becoming-more-pleasant-as-I-get-older' Halfin taking photos."