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Joe Elliott Says New Album The First He's Really Enjoyed Making - Audio

Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by CHOM 97.7 radio recently and mentioned the new album.

Joe talked about starting out in music, 1993 Don Valley Stadium show, Rick's accident, the Hysteria album, Rocket, the 2015 studio album and playing in Montreal.

Joe once again said the album will be out in the Fall/Autumn following his recent suggestion of it being released in October which would be between the US and (yet to be announced) Australia/Japan dates.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below which was done on 2nd April.

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2015 Studio Album

"This new album that we're just finishing up now is the first album that I can honestly say in all the time we've been a band that I've actually really enjoyed making it AND it sounds like we didn't enjoy making it."

"We worked with Mutt (Lange) on and off for 11 years and if some of that doesn't rub off, you're a bit of an idiot if you're not paying any attention. I do my own production now on side projects like Cybernauts and the Down 'n' Outz and working with people like Ricky Warwick. You know we're all hands on when it comes to production because to be quite honest the five of us are better than anybody else that we could work with because if we had brought one person in, we would forever just be comparing them to Mutt. And it would always be like you're gonna lose. So it's just never gonna work."

"So what we've - the route we've chosen is we've got an enormously talented engineer called Ronan McHugh, Irish kid, we've been working with him for 16 years now. He's phenomenal at driving the board and between his fingers and his bat ears for picking up sound and our songwriting and our production poise and just all the things - let's do this bit backwards and let's - using the studio as a sixth member and we make records that sound like we want Def Leppard records to sound."

Album Release Date?

"It's coming out in the Fall (Autumn). I don't have an exact date yet."

Album Finished?

"It's done as far as we're concerned you know if we went down in a blaze of glory over the next few months. There would be an album that could be released for sure but there are little tiny tweaks that we're doing to it here and there over the next week or two but yeah it's pretty much done."