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News - Joe Elliott Gives Def Leppard 2011 Tour Update

Friday, 11th February 2011 | 

Joe Elliott was interviewed by 95.5 WIFC on 8th February and shared more info on the new tour/releases.

Joe confirmed the 'potential' US tour start date of 15th June. He also gives a bit of an insight into the Box Set and it's possible contents including unreleased/reworked material.

Kallaway On The Rise - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

You've got a whole tour scheduled. When does it start?

"We're just finishing - myself and Rick Savage is in the studio downstairs finishing off bits off three new songs that we're doing. That we're gonna put on the end of this live album that we're putting out. So it gives us an opportunity to play a couple of new songs, maybe, on the tour. So it's not all stuff that's just been out there forever."

"And the tour starts in the States round about mid-June and the dates aren't 100 percent concrete yet so I can't give you any information other than saying we will be making a huge announcement via the website over the next couple of weeks. All the dates should be in place by then and everybody will know exactly when and where we're playing."

50 of those dates will be in Wisconsin?

"Well 49. Put it this way. I would be very - I would sell my house if I thought we weren't playing in Milwaukee."

You have a box set coming out?

"We may be doing a box set. It's not a definite yet because - here's the thing right. A box set, by nature of what it is, needs to feature a lot of things that people don't already have. If we just put songs that are already on the Greatest Hits or on our other albums people are just gonna say well why, I've got these songs already. So then you have to start trawling through for things that people don't have which are alternative versions. Or maybe some songs that never quite got finished. The problem with that is they normally never get finished because they weren't up to standard. So you've got to be extremely careful how you choose your material for a box set."

"That it has to be previously unreleased is almost a prerequisite for at least half of it. But it also has to be at the standard that people are expecting. So you know it takes a lot longer to put one together if you've got quality control like what we like to think we do. And we wouldn't let anybody else do it on our behalf. So we are actively working on it yeah. But we're more consciously working on this live record that's gonna be out hopefully in May with the three new songs on it. Which we're actually totally working on downstairs as I speak. Rick Savage is down there playing bass on something. I've been singing all week and I shall be singing later on. We're just putting the final touches on the three new songs."

"There's also this coffee table book that's 30 years worth of Ross Halfin photographs which is coming out. There's also this potential cartoon series."

Do you have any spare time?

"No . Not really. I can't do babysitting duty any more. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this."

We'll look for tour dates - you say June?

"We'll start round about the 15th of June but the announcement should be made this month. So keep an eye out on and then from that moment on it should go pretty global, pretty quick. You know how it works."

We're gonna hold you to that promise that your coming to Wisconsin?

"For sure. You can whip me if I don't. "

Listen to the 11 minute interview at -

Def Leppard - Radio 2011

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