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News - Joe Elliott Interview/2011 Tour To Start In UK/Europe

Thursday, 10th February 2011 | 

Joe Elliott was interviewed by WAAF radio on 8th February and spoke about the upcoming tour. Joe mentions the tour starting in UK/Europe before the USA.

Joe also confirmed again that three new studio songs will be on the live album/DVD package to be released in May. Potential promo videos are also discussed, along with a little known song called Pour Some Sugar On Me and Joe's personal finances.

Listen to/Download the full 8 minute interview below and read a transcript.

Hill Man Morning Show - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

How's everything going with Def Leppard? You guys are kicking off a tour in the summer.

"Yeah. I'm wearing two hats at the moment. I'm promoting the Overnight Angels single, the Down 'N' Outz track and I'm in the studio downstairs finishing - putting finishing touches on three brand new songs that are gonna be tagged onto the end of the live album. So we're getting ready for a summer tour."

And is the tour starting in the States or Europe?

"No it's actually gonna start - we're doing a couple of shows over here and then we start in the States like mid-June I believe."

"We took a year off because we'd been touring for five straight years on two albums and you know it needed to. I think we just needed to step away from it to make it kind of breathe a bit more. Freshen up a bit. When you're on the road that long you kind of come home and you've forgotten who everybody is and where everything is and you don't even remember the alarm codes any more. That's when you know it's time to take a break."

Do you guys still make videos? Are you gonna - this time around?

"Well yeah. To be quite honest we - the last two Leppard singles that came out in 2008 both had videos and I just put a video out for Overnight Angels. I think it's always good if you've got a song at radio. It's good to have a visual accompaniment. Do they mean as much these days as they used to? Absolutely not you know. I think you've still gotta play the game because otherwise everybody's telling you there's no point in making new music any more and I just don't go down that route."

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