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Tuesday, 14th December 2011

London, England - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Phil S

I attended the last show of the UK tour at Wembley arena on 14/12/2011 and after reading many negative reviews of this gig I feel I have to redress the balance and submit my own view! I went with a load of mates who are all rock music fans (not exclusively Def Leppard fans) and each and every one of us had a superb night! I don't think the pairing of Motley Crue and DL was a particularly good one, and I have to say Motley Crue were pretty poor, missing out words and even whole line of songs, they had to use the drum roller coaster, and throw buckets of fake blood around to mask how poor they really were!

By contrast Def Leppard were polished and sounding as powerful as ever. I don't feel that they just played ballads, they did play WLAHC and Two Steps Behind, and an acoustic first half of BOTH, but other than that, it was upbeat and lively. The crowd certainly enthusiastically lapped up Def Leppard's performance and were singing along with almost every word, to the point that Joe even commented on how loud everyone was singing that night.

I am not saying that this was Def Leppards best ever performance, but I have to say it was VERY good and the sold out crowd that night certainly got their moneys worth and everyone seemed to have a blast! The only negative thing I would say is that I thought it was a mistake opening with 'Undefeated' as most of the crowd didn't have a clue what they were singing, other than that I think it was a job well done!

Def Leppard rocked! (as always!)

Fan Review - By Eddie

I am a 43 yr old male who has been to over 166 gigs over last 30yrs and seen Def Leppard live 9 times. (I collect my tickets stubs).

I with regret to say after Wembley I will not be seeing them again unless they have a rethink of their set list.

Ballad after ballad after ballad !!!!

What happened to the dramatic entrances they used to make with the curtain dropping to Stage fright?

I was disappointed with them when they played with Whitesnake a year or two ago.

Too many "pop" songs off the hysteria and adrenalize albums.

I dont want to hear "Do You Wanna Get Rocked" Yawn.

Turn the tempo back up please.

I've read interviews with Phil Collen (Who is still my fav guitar player, and love his "dive bombs") who says he hates doing ballads and wants to get all sweaty.

Are they just trying to appeal to the girlies in the crowd?

I know they are getting older, but Whitesnake can do it, Motorhead still do it, Motley Crue still do it.

There were a lot of blokes by me very bored at the gig.

Please stop the ballads.


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