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Friday, 21st July 2006

St. Louis/Maryland Heights, MO - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Dawn

The show was good. Only did 2 off the new album, Rock on and NO matter what the show was basically the same as the KC show I saw last Aug and I saw that from the 2nd row. St louis was sold-out show. So I was real glad I was a part of that. However in order to get all the songs in they ran them all together. Never did that before wish they would go back to the old way. Joe sounded a bit tired and Viv, Sav, and Phil echoed a lot to cover him. I am glad I have seen them twice in less than a year but I think they need a break.

Fan Review - By Cheri

Well, another outstanding night in music history. This time they came to me, I didn't have to leave town to see them. Although I went to the concert with my husband and cousin, I sat by myself. Well, well worth the price of my 5 star I Love All Access ticket as it was in the second row center. Being an 80's girl I enjoyed Journey standing at my seat, but made it up to the front railing in plenty of time to see Def Leppard from the closest ever!!! They played for 1 1/2 hours but it seemed like 15 minutes. I was so into the show and the view, the night flew by.

I got to meet Journey and have my picture taken with them, but oh, what I would give to have had that with Def Leppard! I am already pleading with my husband to take me to Kansas for the September 6th show. I did get some excellent pictures and even got a wink from Joe during Love Bites! I knew seeing Def Leppard would be awesome as usual, but adding Journey with them was an extra bonus! It seems each time I see Def Leppard is the best! But this time definitely will be hard to top!!!.

Fan Review - By Elaine

The show rocked HARD!!! Def Leppard (and Journey) were awesome, well worth the trip!

Got to the venue, drove around to scope out where the buses were (so far and so inaccessible) then went through the gate inside the grounds. The weather was NOT as hot as we'd thought it would be, due to the storms which cooled things off a bit. It started out partly sunny, but another storm was coming through.

Went to the concession stands and got stuffT-shirts, programs, stickersthen sat at a bench and waited.

Journey was GREATlead singer sounded quite a bit like Steve Perry...Elaine thought he looked a lot like Chris Kattan from SNLAnywho, don't have THEIR set list, but they did all the biggies, and did them very well. The crowd was DEF DL crowd cuz punks in front of us were sitting the whole time during Journey, but when DL came out, UP they went!!

Elaine and Debs sat (or rather STOOD) in the BB seats side and Elaine called a fellow Zeffnetter, Tina, who couldn't make it on her cell and held it up for almost the entire concert... was kinda embarrassing as Tina said she could hear them both singing VERY loud lol.

Finally Queen's "We Will Rock You" started and everyone was on their feet and out came the guys. WhoooooHoooooooo!!!!!!

Phil kept his shirt on for four (yes we did say FOUR) songs!!! That has to be a record!!! They had two big screens, one on each side of the stage and one in the center with the most awesome pictures and graphics. During Rocket and Photograph they were showing pictures from the beginning of the band, including Pete Willis and lots of pictures of Steve in there also. On to the show.

Fawn and Katen ended up with front row seats cuz their 2nd row seats were on the end of the row and there was NO ONE in front of them. They, literally, could take one step towards the stage and TOUCH IT! Sav had his white vest completely open, showing a LOT of skin, especially with those low, low, low cut white leather pants. Joe was lookin' way too fine in his black lace up leathers and black beat up T-shirt. Phil had those low rise black jeans on that showed off his incredible six-pack! Viv was looking equally fine in a black, see-through top and jeans...which later turned into a white, babydoll top. Rick was adorable as usual, with a grin on his face the entire show, wearing camouflage cut off pants and his usual Raven drum T-shirt in a red wine color.

All of Fawn's dreams came true when Sav came over and stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER, looked down at her right in the eyes and smiled a big beautiful toothy smile at her. A little later in the show, Sav came over by her again now, you have to picture this sceneFawn and the people around her are not even 2 feet from the stage, the others are pumping their fists to the beat or waving the "rock on" sign at Sav, right? Well, not Fawnshe was standing there, rather calmly, when she looked up and made eye contact with him. He smiled at her and she started waving at him furiously and yelling "Hi, Sav! Hi, Sav!!!" and smiling at him like he was an old friend that knew her. He raised his eyebrows, threw his head back and laughed, and then looked down at her again and WINKED. Then she put her hands over her mouth in shock to which Sav laughed happily again and bounded away to jam on the other side of the stage. So, our Fawn finally got to meet her long-love, Mr. Savage. She was so overwhelmed that she shook like a leaf for the longest time!

Our little Miss Katen had a dream come true also one that all of us Zeffnet women would DIE FOR! Joe Elliott picked her out of a crowd of about 7 women in front of the stage, wiggled his eyebrows at her, knelt down, grabbed her handHELD ITand SANG TO HER!!! He looked her directly in the eyes, ignoring the others and sang right to her face!!!

Some other breathtaking moments for the girlies were Phil coming over several times and standing directly in front of them, his toes even with the edge of the stage, playing his solos from the soul, dripping sweat on the floor around them, and then looking at Katen and giving her the BIGGEST beautiful grin Fawn has ever seen from him. It was just ear to ear and soooooooooo gorgeous. He wiggled his eyebrows at Katen before taking off again for his side of the stage. All in all, after thinking about every minute of the show, Fawn and Katen determined that they had direct and long-lasting eye contact (with smiles or laughs or eyebrow wiggles or nods to them) from Sav, Phil and Joe.

Immediately following the show, we all filed out of the amphitheater to meet Fawn and Katen in the general area. Katen ran to us screaming "He grabbed me!! He grabbed me!!", to which we all said, "WHO?" and she screamed in response "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOE!" and proceeded to fling her arms around Elaine and sob with joy. Fawn in the meantime, wandered around one to the other of us, crying with joy and shaking like a leaf in shock, completely overwhelmed saying over and over "oh my god, he laughed at meoh my god, he looked at meoh my god, he laughed at meOh my god"

When Fawn and Katen finally calmed down a bit, we made our way (on some seriously shaky knees!) out to the cars to wait for the buses to leave, there was no way to get even close. The show was SOLD OUT so it took forever for the parking lot to empty and after 2 hours we saw security headed our way so we tooled off. An hour car's ride later, everyone was back at Fawn's house and starting to feel the worse for wear, dragging happy but exhausted bums to bed.


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