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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Mark

Anyway, I decided to take the afternoon off of work and get a jump on traffic. To get to the Clark County Amphitheater, you must deal with rush hour gridlock between Portland and Vancouver. I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I had lunch at about 2pm at an outdoor cafe across the street from the band's hotel.

At about 3pm I decided to head over to the gig - just about the time two tour buses pulled up in front of the hotel. So, I decided to cross the street and wait it out. I'm not a very forward person and I really try to respect the privacy of these guys. So, as Rick passes by I give him a quick hello, thanks for touring, that sort of thing. Just want to let them know they are appreciated and respected. Rick was cordial, gave me a "nice shirt, are you going to the show?". I had on the same Raven Drum shirt he wore at the gig. A while later, Malvin walks by and I give him the same thing, "thanks for keeping the guys on the road". He says he has no choice. Finally, Phil walks by - same thing, "thanks for coming to town; love the new CD". Again, very cordial and thankful. Didn't want to bother the guys with autograph or photo requests. I know they would have done it, but I'm so self-conscious about imposing. The buses pull away with no signs of Sav, Joe or Viv.

Once I get to the gig, my next objective was to improve my seat location. To make a long story short, the box office released a front row seats in front of Sav. I bought it and was able to sell my 3rd row seat. I was amongst the 5-star folks who paid $300+ for the same seat I paid $100 for. Apparently they did get to meet Phil and one of the Journey guys.

I missed Stoll Vaughn, and got to my seat just as Neal Schon was playing the Star Spangled Banner. Journey was great. I grew up with all of those songs and the lead singer did a great job. While I'd rather see a longer DL set, it was cool to finally hear all of those Journey songs live. Neal threw out a handful of picks and I snagged one.

DL was excellent. Probably the best sound mix I've heard at a DL show - very crisp and clean. The video/lighting rig complemented the music very well. Toward the end of the show a guy jumps on the stage and heads up the ramp on Viv's side, then across the back and jumps off on Phil's side. He was then "escorted off" by security. Apparently he inspired another idiot who decided to do the same thing. With this guy it was more of a wild goose chase, as it took three to four guys to finally track him down. The band seemed to chuckle once the incident was over. After Rock of Ages, Phil came over to greet and wave to our side of the stage. The one pick he tossed out (a metal Dunlop) was clearly aimed at me and fortunately I was able to track it down, as the blinding light I was staring into made it difficult. Whether or not he remembered me from our encounter earlier in the afternoon is debatable. I'd like to think so. :) I saw CSNY at this same venue a month ago. They played 3 hours and 15 minutes and 35 songs. Could you imagine DL playing a show like that? Pick your 35 songs and send them my way! Have fun!

Fan Review - By Christie

Last night was the night I'd waited so long for!! I bought my Def Leppard/Journey tix with our income tax return, clear back in April. And finally after all the waiting, excitement, dreams, etc, the night came!! Let me tell you one thing, this was truly THE best concert I've even been too!!!!!!

It started when Warren (my hubby) and I left town, we headed up to Portland, and of course some damn idiot (hope he's ok though) had to get in a wreck on I-205, on the other side of the freeway!! And of course everyone on my side of the freeway had to rubberneck and see the wreck. And of course this made me extremely nervous initially, but I was still ok, I was going with the flow, listening to my Def Lep/Journey live mix cd I had made. So once we got past the wreck I was ok. Then shortly after we crossed the river into Washington, my heart sank, for up ahead I saw all brake lights!!! NOOOOOOO!! Our tix said 7:30, and we were stuck in that traffic (with other concert goers) until after 8pm...Turned out we missed the first 4 songs of Journeys. BUMMER!! I must say, Journey did I good show, but not quite the same without Steve Perry. But this new guy did good. I got to see all the good songs I wanted to.

Then I really started to get excited, because next was DEF LEPPARD!! and I must say, the seats we had were absolutely amazing!! We were basically in front row on the right side of the stage....I have never been that close for Def Lep before! So, I had done some "cheating" as my hubby would put it. I went online and investigated the concerts before ours (by nature, I'm a curious person!) I knew how they were going to start the show, and once Queens We will rock you came on, I knew!!!! I was sooooo excited I was shaking...Then as soon as I saw them come out on the stage, I almost peed my pants!! lol........( I know, I know, what a SpAz!!) Smile.

The show itself was amazing, those boys still sure can rock!! But I had a few very special moments. Since we were basically in the front on the right side of the stage, every time one of them came to that side, They were so close I could probably get there sweat on me!!! It was so amazing to actually see them in 3D!! The whole concert I danced , screamed, and screamed every single word to every single song!! I'm amazed I have a voice today!!! lol.......Anyways, I think it was during "let it go" Joe came over to our side of the stage, and I was singing with him, and basically jamming out with him, and guess what!?! JOE ELLIOT WINKED AT ME!!!!!!!! My first thought was "naw it wasn't intended for me, thats just my delusions of grandeur!! But then Warren yelled in my ear, "Can you believe Joe Elliot winked at you!!" So he saw it too!!! omg , that was so awesome. one of those moments I'll never forget!!!.

Then I had another moment: one of my fav songs is Hysteria. They were doing it, and Joe came over to our side again, and once again his and my eyes connected while he sang a line of was like he was singing it to me!!! (only for just a moment, but a moment of a lifetime!!) Warren said then that I could die right then, and be a happy woman!!! lol........ At one point during the show, I yelled to him, " I think I have died and gone to heaven!" It is amazing to be in the front...the rest of the crowd does not matter...its almost like they are performing just for you!!.

Oh it was hilarious...during the encore, they did Love Bites, and some dude jumped on the stage but, security ran and got him drug off stage very quickly. Then another guy jumped up there and well, he ran, and was able to dodge the security guys several times. They were weaving in and out and around the band. once a security guy accidently ran into Joe, and Joe didn't even miss a word!! But between the lines, he was laughing and clapping...the whole band was laughing. finally they got the guy, but the band continued to laugh for a while afterwards. But didn't miss one beat or word in Love Bites!! Now that is a professional!! (very funny situation though).

We got home around 1am, luckily i didn't have to work today. But I did need a nap this afternoon. Poor Warren, he worked all day. However, he is sound asleep on the couch now, with the Seattle Seahawk preseason game on in the background... Thanks for letting me share my experience!!! I will never never forget this concert!!! I love you, Def Leppard!!.