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Sunday, 16th July 2006

Nashville/Antioch, TN - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Lorie Cook

Traffic was not pleasant but we did get into the venue VERY early (around 6). Found our seats (7th row) and was pleasantly surprised at just how close they were AND 2 feet from the speakers. CAN YOU SAY LOUD!!! And GOOD LORD IT WAS HOT!!!

Next, the show. VERY surprised at Jeff Scott Soto...he did a wonderful job. Great sounding voice and spectacular stage performance. My husband said he is an even better front man that Joe but you know I had to tell him he was crazy!! :)

When Def Lep took the stage, it was on!! The place came alive!! I did end up with more than one tall/large guy in front of me blocking my 5'5" view! I was not too happy about that as I do not think they had seats up there!! BUT overall, I got to see plenty!! I was within a foot of all the guys when they came to the left side of the stage.

OMG...Sav, Joe and Phil were all at more than one point right above me!! drool. But my camera kept being really slow and they would move before I could get the shot. But I did end up with over 100 shots that were great. Joe sang his heart out as usual, Phil was feeling his music, Viv really got into it, Rick did a great job with a smile on his face the entire time and most of all SAV was ALL over the place. His performance was kick ass! His solo was top notch.

I could feel my clothes moving from the speakers. I was SO unhappy when it was over. We waited in our seats until the clean up guys said we had to leave. Then we sat in the car with the air on :) for almost an hour and still traffic was bad getting out. I agree that something needs to be done about that!!! We saw the cops coming in the parking lot going backwards against the flow of traffic. I was wondering what was going on. I know we saw 4 cop cars. Figured a fight or something or a drunk got hit! Sorry but there was more than a fair amount of drunk people stumbling through the lots. :( But hey...to each his own.

Then we finally ended up at the IHOP which was FULL of Lep fans (could tell from their shirts/attire). Took forever to get the food but man it was good. I know my head was happy to hit the pillow that night/morning. It was almost 2am before we got back to the hotel. Still all in all an awesome night!! Hope to do it again soon.


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