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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Dana Lynne

What a fantastic show this was! There were features that we hadn't seen before on this tour, like lots of pyro and the camera crew did such a great job with the overhead screens. I sat in the first box of the garden section, but I still looked up to watch them all play. It really magnified them and brought them so much closer. There was a long ramp that went around the seats behind the 7-row "pool" which at one point Joe walked around and that was a highlight! That brought him so much closer too :) There was alot of pyro which was exciting and beautiful!

Rain was forecast on the news for the past few days but I don't think anyone expected such a hard rainfall, and of course we were hoping that it wouldn't rain at all. Most people (like me) were prepared with plastic ponchos, and it rained all through Journey's set. But by the time Def Leppard took the stage, the skies cleared up as if someone knew to turn off the rain and give us good weather! It was still cold however until everyone started to dance and then it warmed right up.

Another highlight for me was when they played 20th Century Boy just because I love that song! We also heard Women, Bringing On the Heartbreak, and all of the other standard songs. I shouldn't say "standard" because they always sound so fresh and new, and I don't think anyone would grow tiresome hearing them. The guitar work of Vivian, Phil, and Sav was clear as a bell and Rick's drumming was vigorous, a word that we all use but it was! Joe was in top form as always too :)

The Hollywood Bowl provides public park-and-ride locations which was such a help, except that the walk down from the seating to the buses was a long one for concert-goers. It looked to be a packed house, and the Bowl is a huge venue. Somehow when the boys are playing and Joe is singing, it's like they're performing just for you alone which is a dramatic feat but it comes so naturally to them! Alot of smiles last night, beautiful smiles that we only see from them.

Another fantastic show! It was very bittersweet for me though, since it was the last show for me of this tour. But I'm already looking forward to the next tour "And there will be a next time!".

Fan Review - By Lisa

What a FANTASTIC show!!! Well worth the 4 1/2 hour drive (should have been 1 1/2 hrs.). The guys were pumped! Everyone looked rested and ready to party. Joe's voice was excellent! Loved hearing Women! The little cat walk around the pool area that Joe traversed added a very cool personal feel. My favorite songs of the night were 20th Century Boy, Rock On and Rocket! Sugar is always the best, leaving us wanting MORE!

What a surprise when Tim McGraw came out and joined in. He even helped Rick out on the drums. We were very disappointed that time ran out and they could only do one encore song. Journey ran over and noise restrictions stopped the concert by 11:00. Def Leppard ROCKED as usual!!!!