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Saturday, 21st October 2006

Fargo, ND - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Joni

This is my second show of the tour, and the band does NOT disappoint! Journey, if you're a fan, puts on an excellent show - I gotta hand it to Jeff Scott Soto, he puts a ton of energy into his performance! And the rest of the band - well, it's a real treat, and I get goosebumps when they play Faithfully! But, the real reason I'm spending my time and hard earned cash is to see Def Lep! They open with such a fun tune - Let's Get Rocked - and we did! Other highlights for me, and probably not in the right order.

Let It Go - Fantastic classic from the band, one of my favorites that gives me an oral fixation! Wink

Bringin' On The Heartbreak - We were treated to this early on, didn't have to wait til the encore

Foolin' - God, I love Pyromania!

20th Century Boy - I was so stoked to hear this song live, and Joe delivers this so well! This is such a rocker from Yeah! This CD is shaping up to be one of my top 3 from the band.

Rock Of Ages - God Bless Rick Allen!

Rocket - The homage to Steve Clark on the big screen makes the song so memorable! Was the highlight for my sis - well done, guys!

Rock On - Sav gets the spotlight for this, I could watch that guy 24/7! The bass intro for the song is my favorite part of the show! I wasn't a big fan of this song until DL did it, now I love it, but their version only - sorry David Essex fans!

Armageddon It - Love to watch Viv and Phil get together on this! Vivian is such a great mesh with these guys - managed to catch him give Phil a "titty twister" and laughed my ass off!

Make Love Like A Man - I'm so glad they have this song in their lineup! They play this one with great energy!

I know I'm missing a few tunes in here, but I'll wrap up with the encore...


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