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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By DefLepfan4ever

What can I say? THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! to end the 2nd leg of the tour Much Better than Mohegan Sun the Night was perfect .. Journey Was good every1 was singing along to every song when the drummer sang open arms he had helded up a picture of his son in a magazine u could see all the lighter going on around the place it during it looked awesome :)

Def Leppard did the same set list from mohegan From Lets get Rocked to Sugar Every1 was on their feet Rock'n out..I wish they had played a few more songs since it was the end of the 2nd leg But u take what ya get..:) Me and My Niece had a great time she is converted 4ever as a Lep fan:).. We can't wait til they come back our way again..We will DEFinitely be going again.