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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Fan Review - By Mark

This concert was officially the 20th time I have had a chance to see Def Leppard. For some reason they tend to stay away from the Washington DC/Baltimore markets at the beginning of the their tours, so i usually have to wait a while.

The stage set-up looked stragely familiar to the Hysteria "normal" stage set. Absolutely loved it. The light show by Kenji again, best in the business. The video behind them while they were playing was definately an added suprise. I particualry liked Photograph with all of the photographs of the group over the years. Rocket again always powerful, the video again was very good. I liked the Def Leppard Union Jack Rocket flying through the history of the band. Personally need to keep the video behind them. It adds a completely new dimenision to their show.

Phils playing has never sounded so good. Viv's solos during BOTH were flawless as usual. Joe's voice was suprising good. In 2005 when I saw them he sounded a bit rough. I always love watching Rick Allen play drums. When you watch him play he always looks like he is having the best time. There is always the smile running from ear to ear.

Again I waited after the show to see if I could get my program signed yet again. SUCCESS as usual. Viv, Phil and Rick Allen all came out and took pictures and signed autographs. Joe and Sav as usual (with hoods up to hide) ran into the bus. Sav, been waiting 15 years to get the autograph!!! I always get Malvin to sign the back of the program as he is the 6th member.

I did ask Phil a question regarding the Red Guitar that he is holding in the YEAH! CD booket. I had asked him what the model of Jackson guitar that was. He responded with, "The guys at Jackson and myself were messing about and came up with this guitar. You notice with some hollow body guitars that it has a F hole. Well this one has A-Hole." I started to laugh..he laughed to. Well to let everyone know..the red guitar in the YEAH! booklet is called the A-Hole.

Fan Review - By Kelly W. - Greencastle PA

This was the 3rd time my husband and I saw the Lepps on the YEAH tour and they brought down the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD with a bang! Along with playing the usual hits like Foolin, Hysteria, Rock of Ages, and Pour Some Sugar On Me they mixed in two other songs that were definite crowd pleasers.

Slang and Bringin' On The Heartbreak had the audience rocking and the pyros used during Let's Get Rocked, Rock of Ages, and Pour Some Sugar put the exclamation point on one of the most electric tours to recently hit the area in awhile. The Lepps have definitely proven that they're still a hit with their long time fans and even made some new ones on this tour as well! Here are some of the best shots from the Baltimore show. The two other people with Viv are my husband and I.

Fan Review - By Pamela

It was my last show this tour and I was able to spend some time with Joe backstage, prior to the show. He was glad to see the tour coming to an end, as he was ready to hybernate for a while and get some much needed rest.

The show was great as usual. My friend and I were in the front row on Phil's side. It was nice to hear Slang played again. The venue was packed and the crowd seemed to really be enjoying themselves. The setlist was pretty much the same. Dropping 20th Century Boy for NMW and adding Slang.

I look forward to next tour, but in need of rest myself. A rest from spending so much money! LOL

Fan Review - By Gary

This show had been promoted fairly well in the area on the local rock station 98 Rock out of Baltimore. The attendance was pretty good, about the same as their last visit on the "X" tour in the spring of 2003.

This show came off really well. Joe's voice was in great shape, especially considering the number of shows they have played this last couple of weeks. The band sounded very tight. The stage show was even better than when I saw them a couple months back in Bristow, VA. There were pyros in the beginning, and fireworks at the end, which is a first for me. (This was my 10th show). I can't help but notice how the band is intentionally playing certain songs with a slower tempo on this tour. These songs are: "Let It Go," "Animal," "Armageddon It," and "Photograph." I believe that this may be because they do not want to scare off the Journey fans, who are used to something a little lighter.

I'd have to say the highlights of the night had to be a very rocking version of "Bringin' On The Heartbreak," and a very good version of "Rock On." Sav's solo before "Rock On" was pretty tight. To my surprise, it seemed like more people in my section recognized "Slang" then at previous shows. Of course, this time I was in the 8th row with all the other hardcore fans. The little medley of "Photograph," "Armageddon It," and "Animal" works really well, and rolls along nicely. If I could add one song to the set list to surprise fans, it would be "Torn To Shreds" from the "X" album. This track is short, and would fit in nicely right behind "Foolin." Overall, another A+ effort from Def Leppard, who still put it all together nicely. This was the best stage and video screen production in the last 10 years, too.