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Sunday, 24th July 2005

New Orleans, LA - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Skye

Today was the day I was waiting two months for…I would finally be seeing Def Leppard in concert! It had been 12 years since they played New Orleans and now they were finally back. I had made plans to make the trip to my best friend’s, and fellow Leppard addict, and we would go to the show together as we had done the four times we saw them on the Adrenalize tour way back in 1993.

The opening act was a band called Merry-Go-Drown who went on at about 7:30 pm. From what I understand they are a local band that was asked to open the show. We missed half of their show because we were at the souvenir stand but from what I heard from them I wasn’t very impressed. They don’t really play my kind of music. But the singer was very appreciative for the chance to open for Def Leppard. He kept thanking them for the opportunity.

After the opening act was done and the lights came back on, preparations began for Leppard to take the stage. We had to laugh when the crew started rolling out big throw rugs. We joked that maybe they’d be bringing couches out next. Before long Rick Allen came out on stage with his drum tech and started getting ready. I guess the people on the floor couldn’t really see him and only a few people near us recognized him. We watched intently as he prepared to start the show.

At 9 pm Def Leppard roared on stage. It was such a rush. You know what’s coming when the music starts getting louder and then the lights drop—one of the best feelings in the world! We were kind of high up in the third level but we had a good view anyway. Binoculars didn’t hurt either. All the guys burst onto stage with a lot of energy. All the guys looked like they were having fun. Joe was wearing leather pants with a black t-shirt. Sav wore all white. Phil and Vivian stripped off their shirts before too long into the show, which we didn’t mind at all. And Rick was awesome as always wearing a white t-shirt with black shorts.

They started the show with Action and it proved to be an excellent way to start the show. Other highlights, for me, were Hysteria, Promises, No Matter What, Gods of War, Rock On, Rocket, Rock of Ages and the Encore. I have always loved Hysteria live since it’s one of my all time favorites. It’s a whole new song played live. I was happy to hear them play Promises. Since this tour is basically a greatest hits tour I didn’t think they would play this one as they have so many other hits. It was a crowd pleaser, too. I knew they had played Gods of War at other shows and was hoping that they would play this one and they did. It’s a song that can only be really appreciated live with all the sounds that go on during the song. Rock On was totally awesome! I had no idea that this was one of the covers that will be on Yeah!, but this was a really good song for Leppard live. I couldn’t help but think of the version that was so big in the 80s that I really didn’t like. This version is fantastic! Rocket is another one of those songs like Gods of War and Hysteria. It can only be truly appreciated live. I love this song live so much better than the recorded version! I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to the Adrenalize tour and I missed the rising drum riser, but oh well…. Heartbreak and Pour Some Sugar On Me were the encore songs and are always crowd pleasers. And with that the show came to an end. The 90 minutes passed so quickly that it didn’t feel like they had played 18 songs. It was an exhilarating experience!

Throughout the whole show there was a screen behind the stage that cycled through the videos to the respective songs. As well as shots of the band from the concert superimposed over the videos and other footage shown. I thought it was a great effect. I had seen other bands do this but I wasn’t as impressed as I was with Leppard’s version.

Joe didn’t do a lot of talking during the show, though. On the floor someone had a Union Jack flag that he acknowledged saying something to the effect that he is glad we are on the same side. When they came out to play Two Steps Behind Joe started playing a blues song that I did recognize but for the life of me cannot remember the name of it. I think the rest of the guys got a kick out of it since Phil was laughing at him by the time he finished. Joe went on to mention that they had been out on Bourbon Street the night before staggering down the street. That had to be a sight.

I've read some reviews where people were disappointed that they only played the bigger, older hits, but I didn’t mind it. This is, after all, a greatest hits tour. I would have liked to hear something from X and Slang (I love this album) but I’m happy to have seen them play anything after not seeing them in 12 years. They could have played 90 minutes of goose farts and I would have been happy! (Although, I am happy they played the songs they did!) The show seemed to be over with before it sunk in that I was seeing them again. As they say, time flies when you are having fun. I just hope they don’t wait another 12 years before they come back. The place was full. If it didn’t sell out it was really close. Everyone was on their feet for most of the show. So I hope that it shows them that they do have a fan base down here and can sell a lot of tickets.

I was surprised to see that no one was really worried about us bringing cameras in. I wish I’d have known that and I would have brought my camera in. But thanks to some generous fans who did bring in their cameras and this wonderful thing called the internet, I have been able to get copies of these pictures. Thank you to everyone who posted them! And as always Joe ended the show saying, “don’t forget us and we won’t forget you.” With that the show was over…..and now I’m waiting for them to come back. Please, guys, don’t take another 12 years!!.

Fan Review - By Kenny

Went to the show last night and on the way home, I was thinking about what I would post here about my thoughts/review of the show. As my wife and I were talking during our 2 hour ride, she hit the nail right on the head. She summed up this show in one word - Predictable.

They sounded great, as always (I mean, they have been playing pretty much the exact same set list since the "Hysteria" tour, so they'd better have the sound down pat) and the energy was there. My chief complaint is the set list. I grow weary of the same songs over and over again. It's pretty much "Vault" regurgitated. I know that they play what the majority of the crowd wants to hear and maybe it's my fault for expecting any more from them. I just wish that they would cut out some of the "fluff" (TSB, Action, BOTH), extend the show about 30 minutes (they only played for 1:20 last night) and delve into some of the older, more obscure stuff (ie: Die Hard, Wasted, Rock Brigade, Mirror Mirror). It wouldn't take much to pepper the existing set list with some of the classics that the die hards would really get off on. They also mentioned during numerous interviews and on Rockline that they would be playing more obscure stuff on this tour. Well, guys...where is it? All we heard with regards to the tracklisting on disc 2 of ROA was the fact that most of them were fan picks and taken from internet polls (of which I was not aware of any - you guys know of these?). If that's the case and disc 2 really are fan favorites, FREAKIN' PLAY SOME OF THEM LIVE!

Anyway, here are some highlights of the show: Action: Decent enough opener - "Stagefright" would have been better. Let's Get Rocked: Standard enough - this is when they unveiled the video screen for the first time in the set. They interspersed live action with parts of the video for the song. The screen was a bit distracting. Women: One of the songs that has not been dropped from the set since "Hysteria" and should not be dropped. Can't get enough of this song live. Can't remember if it's always been this way, but noticed that Viv played the ride out solo instead of Phil and just shredded. One of the highlights of the night. Foolin': Ho-Hum. Same as on the "X" tour and those before it. Time to drop this from the list.

Hysteria: Wife liked this one. Love the solo where Phil and Viv play the same thing at the same time. Promises: This song is great live. Again had live action mixed in with the video for the song on the screen. No Matter What: Really like this song. Like it even better live. Love Bites: Normally not one of my favorites live but they did a really good job with it last night. Armageddon It: Crowd favorite - could do with out it in place of something else - "Die Hard", maybe? Gods Of War: Highlight of the night for me. They need to play more album tracks instead of just the hits. Perfect example of what I was talking about earlier. Numerous peace signs by the band during this one. At the end, Rick just stood up behind his kit and held up the peace sign for 30-45 seconds. Video screen was very disorenting during this song. Almost went into epileptic seziure here (just kidding).

Two Steps Behind: (this may be out of place - can't remember where it fit in but they did play it) Time for this one to go. Joe played a bit of a blues riff before the song and Viv and Phil joined in. Talked about going to Bourbon Street the night before and listening to all the different genres of music there and then staggering back to the hotel room. Mentioned Viv's blues album coming out, Phil's project (Man-Raze), the covers album, and joked that he was waiting for Sav's and Rick's solo albums to come out. That part was pretty funny but I'm just tired of this song.

Rock On: Really cool. Not so much the song but the lighting effects (and I guess a bit of the song too). Joe just comes out in the dark and sings the first part of the song to a loop. About 2 minutes in to the song, the gutiars and drums kick in and the lights go bright white. Closest thing I can compare it to is on the "Hysteria" tour when Joe, Phil and Steve played the intro to BOTH accoustically and the lights go out and then BAM the lights come back on and they go electric. Sort of the same thing here. Again, really cool. Rocket: Same as the proceding tours - gives Phil and Viv time in the spotlight. Still one of my favorite live songs. Photograph: This may be blasphemy, but I could do without this one in the set. I know that they will never drop this - this is to the Lep's what Start Me Up is to the Stones. There would probably be a riot if they didn't play this or Sugar.

Animal: Like during the "X" tour, they went right into this from Photograph. Crowd was really into it at this point. Rock of Ages: Again, Joe made the comment that it was weird calling this song the title track from their new album (ha-ha). Really good version of this last night. Included the obligatory "We're gonna set (insert your towns name here) alight." BOTH: Wished they would have played "Switch 625" afterwords. Sugar: Phil had his Bella Lugosi Jackson on this (glowed in the dark - pretty cool). Suprisingly a good closer.

The opening act was interesting. Not the best mix of musical genres here. Maybe I'm just too old but I couldn't get into them. They reminded me of Pantera. Did an interesting cover of "Pure Energy" and "Paint It Black". Must admit, I did like the latter. Show was really close to being a sellout. Security was really non-existant. Not that they really needed to be there anyway. The crowd was really well behaved. No searches and cameras were everywhere. Kicking myself that I chickened out and decided not to bring mine. One huge gripe (ok, two huge gripes). Why was this show (and the Hollywood, Memphis and Peoria shows) missing from the back of the only current tour shirt being sold? Also, why are they selling "Hysteria" tour shirts with the "Hysteria" tour dates on the back? Makes no sense to me - but what do I know?

Anyway, that's my two cents. Sorry this turned into an editorial more so than a review. Maybe I expect too much from them. Maybe the internet has something to do with my expectations (ie: looking at other reviews and other set lists and wanting those same songs played at the show I go to). Maybe I need to quit listening to bootlegs so the live shows I attend are more fresh and less predictable. I don't know. I do know this, I will be back the next time they are around. With all my complaints and misgivings about their live show, it's still the best around. Thanks for reading.

Fan Review - By Joyce

Seriously, though. I had what I think is the best seat in the house. I was to the left of the stage, lower balcony, right on the edge of the stage. I had full view of all four guys in front and a front/side view of Rick, which was really cool because so often you don't really get to see the drummer at his craft. UNO arena was sold out, and the crowd was loud. At the end of every song, the crowd response was deafening.

They had a local band as the opening act, they were called Merry-Go-Drown. They were so thrilled to get the chance to open for Lep and the singer kept thanking them over and over. They played new rock, and the musicians were very tight and the songs very heavy. The singer sounded like a cross between Ozzy and Lemmy.

Then the Lep came out. Here's the set list: Action (I was expecting Stagefright, so this was a pleasant surprise), Let's Get Rocked (Couldn't hear Joe over the crowd singing this one), Women, Foolin, Hysteria (Always fantastic live), Promises (Another surprise), No Matter What (Excellent), Love Bites, Armageddon It, Two Steps Behind, Gods of War (wohoo, this song is SO awesome live), Rock On, Rocket, Photograph, Animal, Rock of Ages, encore-, Bringin on the Heartbreak (I kept screaming "Switch!" but they didn't play it), Pour Some Sugar on Me

Rick looks really good, he must be very happy. Phil had his shirt off by the second song, which didn't break my heart! Sav wore all white, and he was very animated on stage. Viv looked like he was really enjoying himself. Joe seemed to be a bit distant, he didn't do alot of talking. He said he'd spent the night before on Bourbon Street, and he did make a remark about it being 12 years since they'd played here. He mentioned the covers CD coming out before they played No Matter What. And he did make one comment, someone in the audience had a British Flag and he said that in view of the happenings in London he was glad we were allies.

Two Steps Behind was done acoustically, the band came out and sat on stools and played a little blues lick before doing the song. Joe talked about how Viv and Phil had individual projects coming out, and made a joke about announcing Rick and Sav's projects when they come out. It seemed like the show was over before it started, yet they played 18 songs. I had not seen them since 1999 (the trip from hell to Canada). Before that I hadn't seen them since they were here in 1993. Back then I was able to see them eight times in one year. Sure wish I could do that again, but...times change. So this show will have to hold me out until next time. As Joe said, "If you don't forget us, we won't forget you.".

Fan Review - By Gary

UNO's Roof Was Blown Off! - My second concert ever, and the opening band I have never heard of. I'm always interested in hearing new stuff, being the obsessed music fan that I am. Merry-Go-Drown fuckin rocked that arena. After hearing like the first 2 songs, I was like holy shit! I hope they're sellin their cd's out there hehe. I was totally diggin' that band. Then Def Leppard comes out and tears the house down as anyone would expect. The last 2 songs, it felt like the whole damn arena was warping lol. After the show when I head to the souvenier shop to get Merry-Go-Drown's cd, I spot Brandon walkin around and im like O_O tight, they're actually hanging out. I was actually gonna try to get my cd autographed but we didnt have a pen or anything and went back in the building to get one but the jackass security guards pissed my dad off and he jus walked off and I was like, "umm why dont u ask brandon if he has one" but my dad left and I didnt get a chance to do it...oh well...it was a kickass experience :)

Fan Review - By Brittany

It was great, it was my first Def Leppard show. I have been a fan since I was in the 6th grade (11 years old) in 1988, so needless to say I was very excited about it. I really enjoyed the show, I was second from the stage so I had an awsome view! They looked great, sounded even better and really put on a great show! Hope this helps you out and thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts on my first Lep concert.

Fan Review - By Anon

1st time ever seeing these guys and it was incredible! I have been a fan since the mid80's so it was great to finally see them live. Hysteria might have been the highlight of the night. Sounded great live. Rocket and Rock of Ages also brought the heat. They sound really good for being older and I hope to see them again. Thanks for kicking our asses!.

Fan Review - By Lori

It was twelve long years since the Leps last came to New Orleans. Way too long if you ask anyone that was there. I am sure after Sunday evening, they will definately add New Orleans to any upcoming tours they may have.

Def Leppard ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! Let me just tell you, it was an awesome show. The stage lighting and the backdrop video was excellent. They had a large screen with various old videos and pics of the band with live footage of the current show mixed in. The Arena fell almost silent at one point, when the lights went down....the video screen lit up with a pic of Steve, then opened wider to show the entire band beside him. It was almost like a dedication to Steve. Tears came to my eyes and my heart just dropped. They opened with "Action" and let me tell you there was plenty of that. They sang a couple songs off their upcoming covers CD as well as quite a few on their newest release "Rock of Ages". They also did an Acoustic version of "Two Steps Behind". Joe's voice never missed a note. You can tell his voice was well rested after just coming from having two weeks off.

I was able to get second row, directly in front of Joe. At one point, he even pointed at me and smiled. I think I was one of the very few on the floor with a lighter. lol I could tell by the way the band was laughing and chatting on stage, that they were amazed how everyone, at least on the floor, knew all the words and sang along with every single song! He pointed out his Mike over all of us several times. This concert is the best I have ever attended. I was able to take some pics, and I will share them with everyone here soon. I must say they all looked and sounded great. I will be seeing them again in Eastlake, OH , Dayton, OH and at the Lansing, MI shows. I will be sure to add a review for each one on this site. Unfortunately I was unable to meet them, THIS TIME. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to do so at one of the next venues I will be attending. So, yall keep your fingers crossed for me. lol Like Joe says, til next time....& there will be a next time.

Fan Review - By Walter

Me and my wife went to see Def Leppard in New Orleans LA at UNO it was great thay are the best band. I have seen them 2 times now 1st time in Vermont with ugly kid joe. They put on a great show thay make you feel like you know them at there shows. Rven the radio was saying the next day that thay were great. The bad part was the show ended. They kick a!! thanks.

Fan Review - By Cori

It was my first show and all I have to say is surreal experience barely describes it. The guys were awesome. I was on the floor maybe 6/7 rows from Joe. My best friend and I were dancing and singing to everything. It was fabulous! I can't wait to go again and hope they come soon.


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