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Wednesday, 15th June 2005

Kissimmee, FL - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By fauvel

Night two in my 3 night jaunt with Def Leppard. Basically the same set list with one change, Have you Ever was replaced by Let It Go. also the Gods of War Video didn't have the Bush middle finger in it like the night in Tampa. At least I didn't see it and it was pretty clear in Tampa. Crowd was electric all night, more so then Tampa. I had pretty much the same seats I had in Tampa, it was like deja vu. Looking forward to Jax on Friday.

Fan Review - By KCfla

Well, where to begin? This was my 14th Lep show (over the years) and this time I took my son (11 and his 2nd DL concert) and a friend "D" from work. This would be her first DL concert. She'd been a fan way back in the day, but had since lost touch (while going on to Hip-Hop and other music styles- NO rock at all). I hoped she'd enjoy herself. We arrived at the venue (a very nice one too, might I add!) around 6:30, and proceeded into our seats. Met up with a lot of old Lep buddies- Kat, DLGrannie, Scar and Shalalala girl. Always good to "share the love"!

Tesla were first on and wonderful! I had seen them back when they first opened for the Leps, and it took me back! Their lead singer (I forget his name-sorry!) Kept mentioning how wonderful it was to be back with our guys! Sort of a "family reunion", but the good kind. They played about 50 minutes, then the break while they cleared the stage.

What can I say about DL that hasn't been said? They ROCKED (gee, that's a given!) They looked great (once again, a no-brainer) They looked as if they were having the time of their lives on stage (DUH!). I can only add that the crowd obviously shared their enthusiasm! We got "Let It Go" which was a great one live! "Rock On" and "No Matter What" from the upcoming CD went down very well! All in all, a night all won't soon forget (I know I won't!) I always say that they just CAN'T get any better, and every time, they prove me wrong! Oh, and my friend "D"? The old fan? Well, let's just say that 1/2 way through the show, she was already saying we had to do this again, and were they playing any other shows around here soon?! I do believe I've brought a "stray lamb" back to the fold. Or should I say Def Leppard did. All I did was sit back- and ENJOY!!!!!!!.


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